Hacking ScientologyYesterday, in the comments section of my blog, I provided the link to a post that Marty Rathbun wrote in December of 2009 about his wordpress blog account being hacked.

That post was written four months after Marty and “collero’s” email exchanges. And if Marty’s wordpress.com blog was hacked, that means the hackers got his password for his wordpress account. And if they got that password, what other passwords did they get?

All you need to read Marty’s encrypted emails is the password to Marty’s hushmail account. And if Paul Haggis was not using encrypted email, or any of the other recipients to that email exchange, then there is no protection of encryption for that email conversation.

Paul Haggis this morning only gave 2 possibilities for how this email ended up in a Church video – either Marty was hacked or Marty handed it over to them.

But that’s wrong – there aren’t just those two possibilities. Paul himself could have been hacked, Jason Beghe could have been hacked (a known, self-confessed technological Luddite who had a probable OSA plant living with him) and any other recipient on that email chain could have been hacked as possibilities, as well.

The Church of Scientology has had a dedicated and well financed team of hackers since at least the time I left around 1999. I knew two of them from that time. One of them was Tim Crowley, a fellow mission staff member from Peoria, brother of Suzanne Crowley, whose specialty was intercepting emails from peoples’ email traffic. Mike Rinder hired him at OSA Int in the early 2000s. Another was Jesus Gimenez, a former Scientology friend of mine from LA who worked directly with former GO honcho Craig Jensen’s hacking unit at Executive Software, who also worked directly with OSA, as Mike Rinder well knows.

Even Mike Rinder and Tony Ortega’s emails have been hacked and the guy who hacked them went to prison, as Tony wrote about here:

On June 25, former Scientology spokesman Mike Rinder and I went public with the information that the two of us had been notified by the US Attorney that we had been victimized in Saldarriaga’s hacking attacks for hire. Besides both being victims of Saldarriaga, Rinder and I both appeared in Alex Gibney’s recent film on Scientology, Going Clear, and we have each experienced harassment we attribute to the church and its private investigators. We pointed out to Judge Sullivan in our “victim impact statements” that the only organization that would want illegal access to our email accounts was Rinder’s former employer. Any other scenario strained credulity, we pointed out.

Hell, I’ve been attempted to be hacked by the Church of Scientology beginning back on Christmas Day 2001, and I must presume, all the way up to now.

Unlike Tony Ortega, and now Paul Haggis it seems, I’m not saying that I KNOW anything about Marty Rathbun and what the hell he is doing. I am simply pointing out that if you are targeted by the Church of Scientology’s sophisticated team of hackers, you have to have expert level knowledge of computer security to be confident that you have not been hacked. And anyone who is an expert at computer security is NEVER confident that they have not been hacked.

No critic of the Church of Scientology that I know is an expert at computer security. And after the false choices that Tony Ortega and Paul Haggis are giving us on this subject – it is clear that they are no experts at computer security, either.