Trouble on the Set of Leah Remini’s Scientology and the Aftermath?

This comment appeared on Mike’s blog yesterday:

Mike Rinder wrote:

“So you and everyone else knows — next week is NOT a new show. Nor the week after. The next NEW SHOW IS 10 OCTOBER and it is one that is very hard to watch. There needs to be a couple of weeks respite (according to the people that make these decisions, which is not me). THere will be reruns of earlier episodes all day on Tuesday and next week.’

Does this mean they canned two new episodes from Season 2 and decided not to run them?

What’s that going to do to their viewer stats? Running old episodes that have already been run and re-run 4 or 5 times?

Are they going to go back and re-run some of the more successful, and credible, episodes from Season 1?

I can’t imagine that a network would greenlight a 2nd season where they planned to run re-runs so the production crew didn’t need to create new episodes. I mean, that’s what they get paid for – to produce episodes that they can air for the whole season, right?

And what does this mean: “There needs to be a couple of weeks respite (according to the people that make these decisions, which is not me)”

This sounds like a shore story to me – a lie told to deceive the public about what’s really going on, something Mike Rinder did at the top of the Church of Scientology for decades.

What’s really going on here?

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  1. I confused how does the church of scientology deal with a suppressive person if I had a family member who was a scientologists and I did not like them being a scientologists would they have to disconnect from me ?

    • Per Scientology technical procedures and training they would have to “handle” you or, if you did not “handle”, then they would need to disconnect from you.

      But you need to understand that the “handle” step is basically interminable. They would find misunderstood words on you, get you to read Scientology passages until you understood what they really believed, then tried to find what they did to you that made you so mad at them, and then tried to find what you did to THEM which made you hate Scientology so much.

      Really. Standard Scientology handlings for disconnections – especially among family members – most often never end in Disconnection.

      • A lot of cable tv series take breaks like this. A show that I watch that is wildly popular on Starz is currently on break for 2 weeks. So the fact that they are in a 2week break is meangless.

  2. 1) Collect money from advertisers while doing nothing but running reruns.

    2) The CoS finally decided to sue A&E. From the preview of the next episode, Aftermath is apparently going to depict “Scientology” as child beaters. Re-editing in progress.

    3) BIG money in Hollywood doesn’t like A&E attacking its own. A battle of the titans.

  3. I don’t think this is the result of a serious crisis faced by the show. For example, here are the dates in which the episodes of Family Guy’s last season aired. As you can see, the typical time that would pass between the airing of one episode to the next was a week. However, there were a few cases in which more time passed between the airing of two episodes. Two weeks passed between episodes 7 and 8. A month passed between the airing of episodes 8 and 9 and the same goes for episodes 10 and 11. In my experiece it’s a fairly common occurence with various TV series, I don’t think that anything special happened to Aftermath.

      • “So you accept this statement from Mike Rinder that there needs to be a “respite”?”

        This is a somewhat weird statement, I’ll grant you that. Still, I find it hard to be concerned about Aftermath having an irregular broadcasting schedule as I’m already used to this sort of thing in other shows.

        “Did the Family Guy audience need a respite, too?”

        Yes, the quality of the series has massively deteriorated. The period of respite between two episodes should be as long as the term of service for which a Sea Org member signs up.

        • Ha! It’s hard to write a show for years and years.

          But Aftermath is only in their second season, and already they need a “respite”. I take it to mean something else is going on.

          Your mileage may vary.

  4. Interesting observation. The last two episodes of Aftermath felt like “filler” material, could have been shot last year for all I know.

    I have no idea what their production schedule is like. I would have thought they’d have half the season in the bag before it started, but what do I know?

    Maybe the scheduled featured guest got cold feet?


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