What I Learned Over My Summer Vacation


  1. I learned that after I took down my site, I received more attempts to hack my site than I ever had in its whole existence. In fact, one hacking attempt actually worked for about an hour. It was accomplished by using confidential information that HelluvaHoax! posted on ESMB. I’m not saying HelluvaHoax!, or anyone else at ESMB tried to hack my site, but information was used that HelluvaHoax! made public on ESMB, as he fritters away his golden years there.
  2. I learned that someone – not Church OSA – was taking creepy screenshots of everything I write on my blog, like every day, multiple times per day. And one of those screenshots ended up on ESMB after I took down my blog, and another ended up on Reddit just today. The one on Reddit was an attempt to discredit me, just like OSA does, and Indy OSA use to do.

Who do you think has the stash of AlanzosBlog posts in screenshot form? How many gigabytes of storage are they using, and plan to use in the future? Who goes to that much effort, and then distributes these screenshots to people to post on ESMB and Reddit for dead agent campaigns?

So this summer I learned that creepy OSA trained people are still creepy OSA trained people whether they are in the Church of Scientology or out of it.

What did you learn this summer??

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Miss Tia
Miss Tia

Welcome back!!

As I wrote last year, some people in the bunker would take screen grabs of comments there and of other sites. I’m not implying it was someone from the bunker who did that to you–I haven’t been there since the last visit I wrote about. But I’m just saying some from there screen grab. Most of those who do were not former Scientologists either, actually I don’t think any were. I’d have to think about that; but off the top of my head, the ones I remember were not former Scientologists. It boggled me then, and boggles me now, how much people would screen grab. I know one of the bunker comment grabbers had a dropbox for their grabs.

I’m sorry you had hacking attempts and one that lasted, even a short amount of time. Why someone would do that to you makes no sense.

Summer isn’t officially over, so I’ll have to ponder if I’ve learned anything yet. I think I have, but I can’t quite articulate it yet.

Welcome back again!!

John Doe
John Doe

First of all, welcome back!

Second, how does one actually know that a screen grab was activated and by whom?


Welcome back, dude. The war has been positively dull without you. 🙂


I know they’re monitoring your blog. People on ESMB have been discussing it and none too positively. They don’t like it when anyone here says anything about them. This seems inconsistent, to put it politely.