Leah Remini Fair Games Marty Rathbun

Hypocrisy is always shocking to the people watching.

Your jaw drops, and your mind explodes – every time. And this happens even when you’ve become jaundiced enough to expect it. Watching hypocrisy never diminishes its impact on you.

After reading Leah Remini’s self-righteous rant about Ed Parkin from the “STAND League” fat-shaming her by tweeting a picture that highlights her double chin and canoli butt, and wondering why we’re spending so much time thinking this is real Scientology Fair Game when people have fucking died, for God’s Sake, I see this from her on Twitter:

leah remini fair games marty rathbun

Mental shaming. Fanatical certainty about things she only pretends to know. Forgiving Mike Rinder for fair game he still hides about his victims, but shaming Marty for the acts he exposed about himself.


Why can she say this? Because Marty’s the enemy, so all her standards for his behavior don’t apply her.

Now add to this Marty’s latest blog piece in which he reports:

This week, Remini took to the airwaves and twitter pronouncing me Fair Game once again. Her adoring cultbots immediately responded by attempting to hack my wife’s bakery google, facebook and twitter accounts. Cyber lynching back on.

To her tribal ninnies, Leah’s cruel Jersey girl schtick is fun, and funny. They are blind to the hypocrisy here. They do not see that a woman who has launched a podcast called “Scientology: Fair Game” is herself fair gaming people.

That’s what’s so gob-smacking to the people watching from the outside.

Leah’s Twitter Trolls only see Ed Parkin’s cruelty in “fat-shaming” Leah. They don’t see Leah’s cruelty here. And when they attempt to harm Marty Rathbun wife’s business, which is literally Fair Game – they don’t see it as that, they see it as “justice”.

Just like Scientologists do.

This is tribalism. This is the unthinking cruelty, collosal hypocrisy, and blind loyalty built into each of us as members of a tribal species.

Question for Leah Remini:

When you do this, why do you believe that you are morally superior to any Scientologist? Why would you pretend to tell anyone what to believe, or how to behave, when you yourself act this way?

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