Softball Question Put To Mike Rinder By Interviewer with No Follow-up

Danny Jones, obviously a newbie to Scientology reporting, interviewed Mike Rinder on his Koncrete pocast for 2 hours.

In all that time, Mike Rinder exposed no new information about Scientology – as usual – only information that critics before him have exposed decades ago.

But one question Danny asked should have been Mike’s invitation to blow this whole thing wide open, and reveal the criminal acts necessary to pierce Miscavige’s Corporate/Religious veil.

True to the form of his last 13 years, however, Mike deflects, spins and justifies no criminal subpoena – just like he always does. To hear him tell it, prosecutors are just scared little girls, and Scientology is unprosecutable, where the Catholic Church and the Mafia are not.


The interviewer is obviously in awe of Rinder, asks a good question, which Mike Rinder deflects, and then he executes no follow up. Did he not want to upset him?

What follow up questions should the interviewer have asked?

Questions such as “What specific crimes have you reported to all these law enforcement agenices?”

“Who, exactly, did you report them to and when?”

“What were you told was the result?”

“Why haven’t you ever written about these crimes on your blog, or exposed them on your TV show in your 13 years of being “out” of Scientology?

Note to the Koncrete Interviewer: Mike Rinder is one of the most manipulative sociopaths to ever be in #Scientology, Danny. He’s destroyed thousands of people in his 22 years as head of OSA. He was drilled to lie to interviewers just like you and get away with it every time.

Looks like he got away with it again.