Is Allen Alanzo Stanfield Confused?

Allen Alanzo Stanfield hears lots of people repeating lately that Alanzo is:

1. An OSA Agent
2. Has a Hate-Boner for Mike Rinder
3. Is an Utterly Confused Flip-Flopper, Moving In & Out of Scientology
4. A Mr. Whataboutism, Middle of the Road, Both-Sides-Now Guy
5. Kookily Off-Planet RE What Everyone Else is Talking About
6. Trying to Tree-Hug an Environment Where Hippie Ideas Can be Discussed
7. Satan


I’ve a hard time agreeing with any of these because I’ve no idea what I’m doing.

I’m a bad writer. I drink too much. And although I do know alot about Scientology and its history, I have no idea how to present it – even though my whole career was in marketing.

It’s pathetic.

I’ve been around, in and out of Scientology, for almost 40 years. It’s really the only thing I know anything about compared to most of the tribal ninnies engaged in the discussion of Scientology these days.

So I don’t shut up.

And probably never will.

Someone said to me once
A long time ago
Ya wanna be a writer?
Write what ya know

This is Alanzo Apologetics 101

Alanzo is a writer.

Writes what he knows.

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