The Leftovers on HBO

Need Meaning After the Cult? Free Hugs!

This week’s episode of The Leftovers on HBO went in a direction that was very close to home for me, and probably would be for a lot of people here.

Last Season, The Leftovers was a series which had a cult in it, but it wasn’t really about the cult until this week.

This week, The Leftovers became specifically about an Ex-Cult member who tries to bring down the cult she was part of which has destroyed her family, while writing a book and trying to make money, while finding meaning in life after the cult – and while trying to help others to recover from the cult when she herself has recovered from nothing.

Sound familiar? Does to me!

The Leftovers has always been a show which leaves out a lot of exposition and explanation, and lets you do your own interpretation for what you are seeing. You have to work a little harder to watch it, but the work pays off, fortunately, because the people who create The Leftovers know what they are doing.

I’ve read three reviews which tell us all what this show is really all about, and each of the reviews say it is about something different than the other two. And none of them agree with me – who has known what this show was about from the very beginning!

It’s a great show for anyone who understands the language of cinema.

And now it’s a great show for anyone who has been in a cult.

A little something for everyone, The Leftovers is a dessert topping AND a floor wax!