Scientology: It’s Always Worse Than You Think

The exposure of Scientology is a repetitive business.

Every year, there are new people coming out of the Church who, no matter how highly trained as an auditor, no matter how many years they’ve spent on staff or in the Sea Org, know very little about the actual subject of Scientology and what it really does to people.

Every year, there are people who have been out of the Church of Scientology for a while, and who are beginning to realize that the Scientology ideology that has been doing their thinking for them for so long is starting to make very little sense.

And with each new media revelation, there are the socially conscious never-ins who have been sucked into the Scientology-watching vortex, and have just read someone’s horrific story of Scientology abuse on the Internet and can not believe that what they have just read could be allowed to happen in our society.

All of these people, and many more, need to know something that my old friend Joe Lynn used to say: Scientology – it’s always worse than you think.

Producing this understanding about Scientology in the general public requires knowing where the Scientology bodies are buried, remembering where all the graves are, and digging them up again and again for the new people so that they can see for themselves the ditches of grim depravity into which Scientology sinks.

This then, one hopes, should spur action on the parts of more individuals to pressure law enforcement, to inspire legal teams, and to cajole bodies of federal justice to do something effective about ending, once and for all, Scientology’s ability to exploit peoples’ spiritual vulnerabilities, to bankrupt people, to destroy their livelihoods and their families, and to get away with all of their criminal activity by hiding behind America’s 1st Amendment protections.

Thus, the exposure of Scientology is the business of Informational Necromancy.

It doesn’t pay very well.

But it can be satisfying at the end of the day – after you’ve taken a shower.

Am I Just Being a Religious Bigot?

If you’re new to Scientology watching, then you probably think that I am being overly dramatic, or engaging in hyperbole, or spewing religious bigotry against a “pious clergy” of some kind.

It’s fine for you to think that. It means you’re a good person.

Just keep watching.

I am digging up something from the fairly recent past for all the new people who are driving by with their mouths agape at the most recent revelations from Leah Remini’s TROUBLEMAKER Book Tour and Category 5 Scientology Shit Storm.

Anderson Cooper 360 – 5 Straight Nights of Scientology Crazy

It’s from the summer of 2009, when a group of former Scientology Sea Org Execs, recently escaped from the craziest base on the planet – Scientology’s Int Base – had gotten themselves onto CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 show for FIVE NIGHTS STRAIGHT.

That’s right. Scientology is so crazy and so depraved that Anderson Cooper and CNN devoted 5 nights in a row, trying to explain the Scilon Cray Cray to as many people as they could. This was back when Scientology used to wheel people out like Tommy Davis and Stormin’ Norman Starkey to try to make Scientology look sane, and boy did it backfire.

It was so good that it should never be forgotten.

What’s Your Favorite Scilon Crazy Story?

Before I present to you one of the greatest exposures of Scientology craziness ever produced – what is your favorite Scientology Crazy Story?

Can you exhume it onto your favorite place on the Internet for all the newbies and those beginning to wake up?

Remember: Just when you thought you’d seen it all, you realize that you haven’t.

Scientology is always worse than you think.

CNN’s Scientology: A History of Violence Night 1

CNN’s Scientology: A History of Violence Night 2

CNN’s Scientology: A History of Violence Night 3

CNN’s Scientology: A History of Violence Night 4

WARNING!! STOP!!! This is the famous “Inch Wives” segment of Anderson Cooper’s 360 series on Scientology. You might think that it can’t get any crazier than this. But remember the warning above.

CNN’s Scientology: A History of Violence Night 5


Can you top my example of the Scientology Cray Cray?

Put it out on to the Internet for everyone else to see, too!

3 thoughts on “Scientology: It’s Always Worse Than You Think”

  1. Respect to OG Joe Lynn!!

    His observation – Scientology: its always worse than you think – has become an oft repeated truism echoing throughout the wider Scientology conversation everywhere. That simple phrase serves as a gentle warning to people new to Scientology watching who have been disturbed by some new revelation that there is a lot more for them to learn. It also serves as a balm to the veteran watchers who, no matter how long they hang around, can still be taken aback at just how deep are the ditches of depravity into which Scientology sinks.

    Joe sometimes links his observation to the L Ron Hubbard quote . . .

    <blockquote> . . . Incredulity of our data and validity. This is our finest asset and gives us more protection than any other single thing. If certain parties thought we were real we would have infinitely more trouble . . . </blockquote>

    . . . which comes from a July 1963 HCOB in which L Ron Hubbard declares that, despite various social and political obstacles, Scientology has “made it”. In the context of the HCOB, the quote refers to Scientology having come up with the data needed to produce OTs. However, in the wider context of Scientology’s cancerous presence in society, the quote tells of a bigger  truth because it is entirely true that Scientology’s crimes and abuses are, at first glance, incredible. Simply put, if the authorities or politicians or the bulk of wog world knew what Scientology was really all about, it would end tomorrow. It just that the people who can do something about it do not or cannot believe the facts and, as a result, remain unwilling to spend the time and energy required to get a full grasp of the subject.

    Like you say, its up to those who have done the work to bring along new people and constantly disinter information Scientology is constantly trying to make go away. “Informational Necromancy” indeed.

    I have lots of Scientology crazy to share and can’t really decide a favourite. One of the most revealing is that of Scientologist George Bailey who was employing his full OTVIII powers in an effort to shatter some perceived oppression coming from an SP. Its rare to get such a stark view of OT powers in action on film.

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