The Ideals of Scientology Criticism

The Free Exchange of Ideas
The Questioning of Rooted Assumptions
Allowing Rigorous Debate
Cultivating Mutual Respect
Seeking to Live With the Truth

Whenever these ideals have been violated, I have always felt a sense of unfairness, and felt the need to criticize the venue or group which knowingly and continually violates them. My criticism of both Scientology and anti-Scientology has always been an attempt to point out when a standard has not been met, or an expectation has been missed, in order to move closer to one of the ideals above.

My problem has always been that many groups and venues, such as any Scientology or anti-Scientology venue, can not survive in an environment that runs on these ideals. They know this. So they silence, ban and discredit anyone who protests when they violate them. If you keep up your criticism of these violations, and don’t censor yourself, both Scientology and anti-Scientology will fair game you.

Again. I need to emphasize: This happens in both Scientology and anti-Scientology groups.

Because Scientologists and anti-Scientologists hold emotionally charged, belief-based positions, you can expect these ideals to be violated on any Scientology or anti-Scientology message board, chat room, facebook group, or blog commenting area.

In their rush to protect their belief systems, you will find:

  • The free exchange of ideas is not allowed
  • Rooted assumptions and beliefs are not allowed to be questioned
  • Silencing the presentation of ideas that question or challenge their ideological positions
  • Participants in these groups who voice unpopular ideas are personally attacked as “insane” or perverted or immoral, or “being paid by the enemy”.
  • And the only “truth” allowed to be discussed is the tribal narrative. It should be noted that no tribal narrative can support the truth because tribal narratives exist to support the tribe, they do not exist to follow the truth wherever it leads.

The continual violation of these ideals is what has made the Post Scientology Internet a complete shit-show, harmful to both Scientologists and Ex-Scientologists who desperately need an environment which strives for them.

Hysterical and hyperbolic language, the changing or denial of context or specificity in order to support your beliefs, are all ways of supporting the tribe but not supporting the truth. This place has no tribe. The only thing you will get censored and banned for here is the egregious and repeated violation of the above ideals. That includes being mindful of your attempt to be fair and honest to both Scientology and anti-Scientology, and every position in between.

I myself have sometimes failed to express these ideals, but often try.

So here they are now. They can be used to judge the value of an online venue which seeks to discuss, examine, or evaluate Scientology, anti-Scientology, and all the issues surrounding being involved, getting out, and every related issue.

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  1. Bravo. Keep trying. We are not perfect humans.

    These principles apply very broadly, not just in the relatively narrow scientology/anti-scientology discussion.


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