Alanzo’s Scientology Predictions for 2018

  1. The Great Scientology Dissipation will continue. From the Church of Scientology to Indie Scientology to Anti-Scientology to Post Ex-Scientology, the continuing diaspora will disperse and evaporate at ever-diminishing intensities.

  2. Still no criminal activity will be reported on the Church of Scientology, as has been the case for over 30 years. David Miscavige will continue to be a billionaire, doing whatever he wants to Scientologists – within the limits set by his extremely competent, and extremely expensive, legal counsel.

  3. Fewer people will get involved in Scientology, and more existing Scientologists will drift off and die. David Miscavige will be left controlling most of the money they spent on Scientology, but never in his own name.

  4. More Anti-Scientologists will look around and realize that they have been dramatizing a kind of socially-constructed mania. They will become more embarrassed of themselves and of the amount of time and hysteria they’ve spent on Scientology, railing at things that never really mattered, or at least mattered less than they thought. Some will spot that they have been intentionally manipulated into this hysteria, others will not.

  5. The remaining Anti-Scientologists will continue to believe that they are doing something vitally important in the world. More people will get involved in Scientology-watching at the Underground Bunker than the Ku Klux Klan because racial intolerance isn’t as socially acceptable as religious intolerance is right now. So riding a big party bus of hate against a minority religion, or a ‘cult’, is still considered cool.

  6. I think that, barring some Waco-style, cult vs culture, event, the general interest in Scientology will decrease in 2018. People will get bored and trail off. Thus the great entropy will continue.

Alanzo’s Scientology Predictions for 2018

If you’ve got any palettes of self-published Scientology books, or a big stock of Anti-Scientology t-shirts & hoodies in your garage, now is the time to whip out that 2 for 1 sale.











After ‘Going Clear’, “My Scientology Movie” and 2 seasons of ‘Scientology and the Aftermath’, you would have thought that things would be at a fever pitch right now: FBI raids, Perp Walks, Congressional hearings – at least an IRS review!

But no. None of these are happening. And, unless someone can come up with a real-life, prosecutable crime committed by David Miscavige or the Church of Scientology they probably never will.

Because the recent efforts to catch Scientology on anything illegal and prosecutable have pretty much shot their wad at this point, my Scientology prediction for 2018 is that interest in all forms of Scientology will continue to dissipate and die. Scientology may be culty and bizarre, but pretty much every part of it is perfectly legal in our free society. So the numbers and intensities of everyone from fervent Churchies to militant antis will continue to dwindle and disappear – and Scientology cult-busting G-men will never emerge.

For most Exes and Antis, this view requires you to be sporting your Big Boy Pants. As long as you stay out of fixed ideological mindsets like Scientology and anti-Scientology, and keep thinking in new ways with new ideas, that should be no problem.

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