7 thoughts on “Scientology and the Aftermath Continues to Hemorrhage Viewers”

  1. If the number of viewers levels off at one million that might be sufficient to keep the show running for another season. If the downward trend continues then Season 3 would be a management decision. Bringing in other cults or religions into the discussion might stir up interest. Mike and Leah could compare notes with other escapees.

    I actually had the opportunity to “compare notes” in real life. Soon after I left scn I hooked up with a gal who was an escapee from The Center For Feeling Therapy which was an offshoot of Primal (Scream) Therapy. We had lots of bases for comparison. As well as comparing stupidities we would also compare the “good stuff” we still believed in – laughter

      • In my eight years of pre-Miscavige scn I only met one person who referred to scn as their religion. I don’t know if current scn-ists speak among themselves about scn as their religion.

        Hubbard methodically discredited religions, particularly Eastern religions, as falling short and that he (scn) had figured things out. It wasn’t until after I left that I looked back and realized I had believed *everyone* should someday become a scn-ist. I didn’t proselytize and wasn’t persistent like a Jesus freak, but my conviction was just as strong so I conceded that it had been my “faith”.

        My lady friend probably felt likewise to some degree when she was in Feeling Therapy. So there you go – a combination of practice and belief.

        • When people leave a psychological therapy (whether it is psychoanalysis or cognitive therapy or even medication) they tend to be able to evaluate what happened for both positive and negative effect. No big deal.
          Maybe that is what Alanzo is trying to do.

          • Who the hell knows what Alanzo is trying to do.

            Does he even know?

            Sometimes I want to ring his neck, sometimes I want to hug him and tell him it’s gonna be okay.

          • Hi Eileen – I’m glad you mentioned this. It brings to mind some similarities and differences. Even though I suffered little “damage” from scn, I still worked through some emotions of anger and betrayal when I began reexamining my experience of long ago.

            If someone had gone into some traditional therapy for some malady and eventually discontinued it, regardless of how much or little they benefited from it, they probably wouldn’t feel any sense of being duped, betrayed, taken advantage of and so on,

            Now compare that with someone who spent the greater part of their life in scn, experienced bankrupty, disconnection, slighted their children and so on and I can sympathize with some people who want to see the “church” eradicated. Make any sense?

            • People inflaming each other by comparing atrocities doesn’t provide relief in my opinion. Some people might feel eradicating the Church of Scientology and even the subject itself will provide relief. In some sense I think this blog is pointing that out.

              Speaking of the current state of the CoS, most estimates are that there are ten to twenty thousand scn-ists worldwide. For whatever reasons they apparently feel the the CoS is satisfactory as it is and continue to participate. Forewarning the public from joining and eradicating what’s left are different viewpoints.

              P.S. The October 24 episode of the Aftermath was worthwhile. It stuck to facts rather than emotions, pointing out how the CoS cons money out of people and gets away with it.


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