Lovebombing Justin Rybacki

The Underground Bunker rushed to re-capture their self-awarded crowns as the world’s greatest humanitarians today with a post about Ex-Scientologist Justin Rybacki, complete with a GoFundMe page to help him get on his feet after Scientology. Their gushing praise and acceptance of Justin was an inspiring sight:

lovebombing justin

lovebombing justin rybacki

lovebombing justin rybacki 2

You can see that the lovebombing Justin Rybacki is receiving here is probably sincere. These people really do want to help him and they are genuinely letting him know that they support him.

So I have a question:

How is this different from the lovebombing which ‘cults’ are so famous for?

I’m asking seriously. Can you think of a real difference between the sincere showing of support here for a new member of the Underground Bunker, and what Scientologists do when they show love and support to new members of their group?

Isn’t this ‘lovebombing’ what all humans do to new members of their groups?

Again. Serious question.

Not rhetorical.

If there is a difference between the lovebombing in Scientology and other ‘cults’, and the lovebombing in the Underground Bunker, is the difference because Scientologists will turn on you and kick you out – and even fair game you – if you stop believing the way they want you to?

And is the difference here that the Underground Bunker would never do that to you – just for changing your mind?


Brian Culkin
Marty Rathbun
Monique Rathbun
Carmen Llywelyn
Miss Tia

As Bunkerites, didn’t they change their minds?

And what did the Underground Bunker do to them?

These were all lovingly accepted people to the Underground Bunker, lovebombed just like Justin was. Some of them were even considered heroes there.

But they changed their minds.

And didn’t the Underground Bunker do to them just exactly what Scientology does to those who change their minds?

So the question needs to be asked again:

What’s the difference in the lovebombing that Justin Rybacki is receiving today in the Underground Bunker, or in any other human group, and the lovebombing supposedly delivered in ‘cults’?

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