India Oxenberg Interviews Her Cult Deprogrammer Diane Benscoter

India Oxenberg is a former member of NXIVM and the daughter of Catherine Oxenberg. India was the star and producer of the 4 part documentary called “SEDUCED”. In this interview, on her podcast called “Still Learning”, she discusses her deprogramming from NXIVM by her deprogrammer.

They discuss the deprogramming techniques that Diane Benscoter used on her to get her to renounce the influence of Keith Raniere and the other members of the minority subculture called Executire Success Program, or “NXIVM”.

Listen to the podcast episode here: Diane Benscoter: Cult Survivor Turned Deprogrammer

If one uses the mental framework of Mainstream Society vs Minority Subculture, which is based in social science, to understand this discussion, rather than the mental framework of “Cult Brainwashing” which is not, one sees what happened to India Oxenberg in a completely different way.

Listen to Diane discuss India Oxenberg’s emotional needs and how she demonizes any of those emotional needs being met by the minority subculture she was in, as opposed to how she describes them being met by mainstream society.

“Cult” means “illegitimate group”. Any power the cult has is illegitimate. Any power the Mainstream has is legitimate. Any need being met by the cult is “manipulation”. Any need being met by the mainstream is healthy.

Spot the metaphors being used here and replace those metaphors with objective language.

“Deprogramming” (forcibly changing another’s belief system)
“Cult” (illegitimate group)
“Brainwashing” (believing non mainstream ideas)
“Indoctrination” (vs Learning)
“Brain Rewiring” (change beliefs)

There are way too many of these metaphors and anticult buzzwords going on here to list, and which are completely unexamined and unnoticed by the participants. These ideas are being presented within the belief system of an anticult.

Because AntiCults are WAY more dangerous – especially if they gain governmental power – than “cults” are, it’s incredibly important to examine and question their metaphoric language and its assumptions, if we wish to live a in a free society.

In the last 15 minutes of this podcast, Diane Benscoter lobbies for a ‘public health’ approach to those who think and believe differently from the mainstream. This is a nightmare totalitarian scenario which way too many people never think about – because “CULTS!“.

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