Born Beneath an Angry Star: Doug Kramer’s Scientology Controlled Opposition Episode 2

Before he died, many people asked Doug Kramer when he was going to drop his 2nd Episode on The Scientology Controlled Opposition.

Ironically, I kinda wondered that myself.

I’d known Doug, and had a connection with him over many phone calls lasting many hours, months, and a few years, related to Scientology Deprogramming, the Facebook Group Arnie Lerma had started many years before.

I Didn’t Trust Doug Kramer

I didn’t trust Doug Kramer before he put out his first Scientology Controlled Opposition video.

Here’s why:

He lived in LA, in close proximity to Karen de la Carriere and Jeffrey Augustine. He was an Ex-OT-Scientologist, and he was a skilled video editor. He wowed people in the old guard critic community with his Hollywood creds, talked to them for hours on the phone, finding out all their personal details and relations, and promised to make these old guard critics YouTube famous.

Then never delivered.

I’d lived in LA for 11 years as a Scientologist, been a musician and a screenwriter, and knew all these manipulative Hollywood/Scientology tactics. These were all the strategies that Derriere and Cumstein, and other Scientology OSA personnel, were constantly plying, and cultivating with others to target their victims.

I’d been infiltrated by them, and sent-in by them, so many times over 23 years I thought I could smell the next surreptitious stooge they chose to sidle up next to me: To befriend or to seduce me, to suck the information out of me they needed, and to send in more people to sue a client of mine, or to find other ways to destroy my family, or to destroy my financial or personal life.

They’d succeeded before.

Too many times.

But when Doug Kramer aired that first video on the Scientology Controlled Opposition, I knew I could finally trust him.

I knew he understood what was really going on, and it proved to me that he was willing to fight it.

So I contacted him again.

This all sounds paranoid, right?

Realize: It’s supposed to.

Welcome to the world of being a long term critic of the Church of Scientology.

So – here’s the story:

Doug never released Episode 2 of The Scientology Controlled Opposition.

And I think I know why.

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