Has Celebrity Anti-Scientology Jumped the Shark?

Yesterday, up and coming celebrity anti-Scientologist Brendan Tighe was on Meghan Kelly’s chat show, where he claimed that Scarlett Johansson auditioned with the Church of Scientology to be Tom Cruise’s girlfriend.

Johanssen released a statement to the magazine INSIDER regarding Brendan’s claim:

scarlett johansson on brendan tighe

This caused celebrity Anti-Scientologist Aaron Smith Levin to take to twitter this morning in a desperate attempt to explain how Scarlett Johansson didn’t know she was being auditioned for being Tom Cruise’s girlfriend back in 2004 (14 years ago), and so that’s why up-and-coming celebrity anti-Scientologist Brendan Tighe wasn’t wrong when he claimed she auditioned for this on Meghan Kelly’s TV show yesterday.

aaron smith levin scarlett johansson

One question cuts through the bullshit:

Can a person really audition for something they do not know they are auditioning for?

The answer, of course, is no. And so the whole idiotic hootenanny here is just to get your attention. It’s click bait, telling stories from 14 years ago that never really happened, using the names of famous actors and actresses to make Scientology look ridiculous or evil.

But another much more important question has to be asked:

Is this valid criticism of Scientology? Are any abuses actually being exposed here? Is this anything illegal or even immoral, for God’s sake?

No. Criticism of Scientology should stick to important things that need to be exposed, things that are actually happening now, not 14 years ago, and the exposure of which is vital to warn the public so that they can make informed decisions about Scientology.

It’s clear now that celebrity Anti-Scientologists like Brendan Tighe and Aaron Smith Levin, and so many other anti-Scientology attention whores, have completely lost the plot.

The party’s over, dudes. No criminal acts by the Church of Scientology have been exposed. There are no congressional sub committees looking into abuses of any kind regarding Scientology. There are no raids by law enforcement. And there is no review of Scientology’s tax exempt status.

So what do you do in your desperate attempt to keep the attention on yourselves?

Send in the clowns.

ADDITION: And now, further evidence has emerged of a sundering among formerly lock-step celebrity anti Scientologists: Tony Ortega is claiming that Marc Headley’s original story from 2008 suggests Brendan Tighe might have embellished what he saw.

tony ortega brendan tighe

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2 thoughts on “Has Celebrity Anti-Scientology Jumped the Shark?”

  1. audition: a trial performance to appraise an person’s merits.

    So, YES a person can audition for something they do NOT know about. The people HEARING the audition is what is important. In fact there are high security clearance jobs one will “audition” for without knowing that is what the purpose of the meeting is for. They are told it is for something not related to the real job.

    • So Scarlett Johansson isn’t lying when she says she never auditioned to be Tom Cruise’s girlfriend because the story is that when she found out the meeting was at the Celebrity Centre, she cancelled because it was a meeting with Scientologists, and she didn’t want anything to do with that.

      So not only did she never intend to audition to be Tom Cruise’s girlfriend, she also never met with anyone to even be secretly auditioned.

      So our latest celebrity anti-Scientologist wannabe was a security guard who received misrouted fax saying that another Scandinavian actress Erika Christensen needed to disconnect from her, but he gets on TV and claims that Scarlett Johansson auditioned to be Tom Cruise’s girlfriend.

      Doesn’t anybody coach these celebrity wannabes? If he has an episode of Scientology and the Aftermath coming up, wouldn’t it have behooved them to ensure that his claims had something to do with the facts?


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