Eyewitness Accounts of Karen de la Carriere At the Time of Her Son’s Death

Karen de la Carriere’s son died in July of 2012. These are eyewitness accounts of her behavior at the time of her son’s death by people who were inside her house and working with her at the time.

Samantha Freeman

Remember all those heartfelt responses of love sent to the posters on this blog in response to the messages of condolence for Karen over the loss of her son a few years back? Karen didn’t write a single one of them. Jeff spent the day sweating over his computer pretending to be Karen while she was busy mugging for the TV cameras next door, pausing only to scream at Jeff because he had made typos that were ‘bad for her PR’ (then she tried to get me to take over the job – I ran away screaming). These were the actions of a ‘grieving mother’ followed by years of being badgered to upvote her crap all over the internet so she could keep her stats up. My refusal to continue to support her vile behaviour in later years became the sole reason for her ‘SAM DOMINGO IS OSA OSA OSA!!!!!!’ comments in bright red capitals all over ESMB.. me? OSA? REALLY Karen????

Gerhard Waterkamp

First of all I can confirm everything others said about Karen, second she taught me the most important lesson in my journey out of Scientology that you have to completely remove Scientology thinking from your existence. I want to share the essence of what I saw.

From January to August 2012 Karen and I saw each other basically on a daily basis. I had contacted her as she was local and I had doubts about the CO$ and she was an outspoken critique. In short, she helped me to get through some of my own decisions making in my early stages. Early April Thomas Kinkade died surprisingly and Karen’s business spiked basically selling overnight a years’ worth of business. Since she got late in fulfilling the orders it could impact her standing with e-bay so she got desperate and begged me to help her, which I did to my best of my ability. On July 2nd 2012 her son died and I got also involved organizing Karen’s memorial on a boat and lived with her through that time even going with her to the funeral home in Eagle Rock where her son’s body was kept, but she was not allowed to see him.

I will leave it at this and will spare the readers the salacious story’s and details about her and other critiques and Indy’s I could tell. They may be entertaining for some but really do not matter for the lessons learned. Marty knows anyhow most of them, as I contacted and told him about it end of 2012.

Karen is about as pure OSA mindset as it gets per her thinking the only thing that matters “is influencing the outcome”. Pure utilitarian thinking and a complete lack of any moral compass otherwise. Karen was building an empire of power and influence with hidden actions and an overt PR that acted as a cover of carefully hidden lies and deceptions.

When I was discovered in late 2012 that she had betrayed us and her hidden activities and deception became known to us and others, we became overnight a threat and persona non grata. She immediately turned on a lying smear campaign against me to hide her own crimes. We had a party for Mike Rinder at our house and she called Indies to boycott that party. Mike Rinder knows all about it. She went ahead to smear me personally with made up lies and falsehoods. It was a real OSA fireworks and live demonstration how well she was trained. She even got Steve Hall (who was at that time a bumbling ignoramus and puppet at her strings) to intervene with my auditor at the time, and it exposed several other Indies foremost Sinar Parman as mindless puppets of Karen’s little empire.

Karen has no consciousness when it comes to getting her agenda done. The death of her son did not feel for somebody as close as I was to her during this time as a tragic loss for her, but more as great opportunity to gather pity and media attention for her own self-aggrandizement. As Jeffrey put it: “We are not reading world news, we are world news.” I am aware this is a very harsh statement about a mother losing her child, but this is the ugly truth. Sam got this in her comment 100% correct.

This is what a person becomes when they are exposed to Scientology (and may be even prepositioned, as not all people turn out that sad.) It taught me early that getting out of Scientology is a process and has to include throwing out any and all thinking instilled by that subject.

In my observation many do not understand it, thus we have the ASC. It is the same poison, just with a reverted vector. Tony Ortega is interesting as he was never “in” and yet has the same arrogance and attitude fitting Karen’s operating basis. Since Scientology had natural clears, maybe there is a natural cult mindset as well.

While there is a lot to say about the nastiness and hate of the ASC, one cannot forget the Original full of that poison. The CO$ goes on to fabricate the nastiness and hate at industrial strength. The CO$ racketeers, rapes and plunders and take the nastiness level to new heights every day in their pursuit of greed and power. They still have the money and the sleazy lawyers and compared to them the ASC is just an annoyance along the way.
Mentioning “disconnection” in the CO$ in the same breath as the writings of Martha Stout is way off the mark.

I guess Marty, at least there are no more open questions as to why I pestered you 2012 about you cozying up to Caberta at that time.

There’s a pattern here. Can you see it? Anyone who questions or exposes who Karen really is gets slimed as OSA! OSA! OSA!

Don’t be fooled.

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