Scientology’s Criminal Network Revealed by Mark Rathbun

This deposition was given by Mark Rathbun on 9 November 2012 in a legal matter concerning Florida Attorney Ken Dandar vs the Church of Scientology. In this sworn testimony, Rathbun reveals the payments, sources and methods of setting up a criminal network of socialites, attorneys and judges to influence the outcomes of legal matters in favor of the Church of Scientology.

Marty names names and reveals the whole network.

It has never really been allowed to be discussed fully on the Internet, and it certainly has not been given its due importance when trying to understand the outcomes of the Lisa McPherson case, and legal cases surrounding the death of Kyle Brennan.

Some of the same players in this network are still in positions of power in the judicial system in Pinellas county to this day. Has David Miscavige recruited a new crop of influencers into his extrajudicial network?

Why has Mike Rinder never discussed this in 12 years out of Scientology?

Why has Karen De La Carriere suppressed, banned and discredited anyone who has tried to discuss this on all of the Internet properties she controls??

Read it, and decide for yourself.

Note: This is an embedded document. If you have trouble reading it in your browser, please let me know.

The original PDF of this Deposition is here: Deposition of Mark C Rathbun 11/09/2012

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