fa583448 7a1e 441d 8b69 b41906eab18e How can fervent Churchie Elizabeth Moss (as she has been described by the tribal leaders of the anti-Scientology “movement”) possibly be doing a TV series with Ex-Scientologist Nicole Kidman?

Oh I know! What’s the standard line from the anti-Scientologists? “Celebs are pampered by the Church!”

Well there is some truth to that. But it’s like a thought-stopping cliche. So let’s not stop thinking about it. How can these two actresses, Nicole Kidman and Elizabeth Moss, work together if Scientology were as much of an overwhelmingly over-controlling evil as it is portrayed to be?

Answer: It must not be that overwhemingly over-controlling. It must have some redeeming qualities where, at least, artistic expression is valued.

Scientology might not be as it has been portrayed by the majority of anti-Scientologists on the Internet. These anti-Scientology “activists” are people who are made up mostly of the most fanatical Sea Org members and OSA Agents that the Church has ever employed.

Maybe the true picture of Scientology has been skewed by these fanatics? Both when they were inside the Church, and after they left?

Maybe Scientology, for the overwhelming majority of those who ever participated in it, was NOT a fanatical pursuit. Maybe it was just something that helped a person to reach his goals and be a little happier in life?

That would sure explain how Elizabeth Moss and Nicole Kidman could work together on a TV series.

Wouldn’t it?

I have been as anti of an anti-Scientologist as there ever has been. As long as I believed there was a strong possibility that major crimes, specifically felonies, were being committed by the Church of Scientology on large numbers of people – actually on anyone – I wanted those criminals prosecuted.

But 15 years of being out and scrutinizing the Church of Scientology has taught me that these accusations of criminal behavior are much less likely to be true than I thought during my most anti-Scientology days.

37 years of no criminal charges, except for one which was dropped, have taught me that there is very little there there. At the most, the worst, most abusive Scientology behavior can be assigned to the extreme stupidity that results from being seized by a dingbat ideology.

Everyone I know who emerged the least scathed by Scientology were the ones who were never fanatics about it. They were rarely staff members. And if they did spend time on staff, they left as soon as it got crazy.

The people who were burned the worst were the ones who allowed themselves to become fanatics about Scientology, who joined OSA and rose to the top ranks of the Sea Org. And today they are the most fanatical anti-Scientologists, as well. Still censoring any ideas, even on the Internet, which might question their pin-headed and corrosive agendae.

It’s too bad about the tribal nature of human beings. It’s what makes people vulnerable to fall too hard for things like Scientology in the first place.

But that does not mean that you can’t embrace all sides of the truth – even the truth that your enemy clings to.

Embracement is the policy of finding what’s true and embracing that, no matter its source.

Don’t let tribes and fanatical ideologies ever stop you from fully embracing the truth – no matter where you find it.

Nic and Liz are shining examples of that anti-fanatical embracement. They are showing how to stay happy, stable, and productive in and around Scientology.

I can’t wait to see this season of “Top of the Lake”.

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