Ray Jeffrey Scientology

It appears that Ray Jeffrey can have his cake and eat it too when he is addressing his faithful anti-Scientology followers in the notorious secret Facebook group where fair game is coordinated against his former clients.

He can accuse his former clients of stealing from him while also whinging about his difficulties in being able to prove it but assuring everyone he would win.

He can do all this while propping up the conspiracy theory that Monique took a pay off from the Church of Scientology while cutting him out of the deal, while also preparing everyone for his backing out of providing the evidence to prove it.

And few in the outer banks will ever spot the manipulation and prestidigitation to which they are being subjected by Ray.

I can only say that getting out of Scientology should have taught the exes in Outer Banks that hero worship is not any good for critical thinking. Nor is it any good for the freedom of thought and the rule of law.

If Ray Jeffrey is going to accuse his former client publicly of stealing from him then he has an obligation to prove it.

If after this display, he does not follow through, then just what kind of attorney is Ray Jeffrey?

UPDATE: I added a comment below that comprises a discussion I found on the Internet. Take a look at the reasoning that Monique gave for dropping her lawsuit. Doesn’t it look exactly like the points that Ray Jeffrey is making above?

Why is Ray’s argument so understandable, when Monique’s argument is just a cover for stealing money from Ray Jeffrey and his team?