Michelle Sterling Allows ESMB to be Filled With Spam

Recent Posts Page at the Ex-Scientologist Message Board, red arrows indicate spammers allowed to create threads
Apparently, nobody’s running the store over at the Ex-Scientologist Message Board since Ethercat left suddenly a few months ago, refusing to comment on what made her leave.

I guess this is how ESMB will end.

Does anyone care?

I think the question on everyone’s mind right now is “Where will HelluvaHoax go? Does ESMB have a retirement plan for its biggest, most posting-est asshole?”

He spent so much time there frittering away his golden years in crusty underpants, what will he do now? Who will have him?

Such a shame.

7 thoughts on “Michelle Sterling Allows ESMB to be Filled With Spam”

  1. Apparently, the paradise of ESMB is a Potemkin Village, with lots of juicy stories simmering just under the surface. Long time ESMBer Free Being Me just let one fly at Emma:

    Emma said: ↑

    Hi guys,

    We have a new function on ESMB. It’s called “Featured Threads”. You’ll find a link in the navigation bar above.

    It’s pretty self explanatory, but by no means complete. The threads are listed by date order (the oldest first).

    I’ve selected some threads that were breathtaking personal stories, big breaking news (at the time), informative & helpful or just good fun.

    If you have any suggestions for other threads that should be featured, either drop me a PM or “report” the first post of the thread so I can take a look at it.

    Bear in mind, I can’t “feature” every thread on ESMB, but if there is a special thread that I’ve missed, please let me know.


    P.S Thanks to @Free Being Me for helping me.

    FreeBeingMe Replied
    I did all the work combing through the board. You added 4 or 5 threads then mention me in a P.S. as “helping you” while taking credit for work you didn’t do. That’s too funny. Speaking of funny and where credit is due, you’ve let the most prolific troll ever to land at ESMB (Commander Birdsong) back to crap up threads and spammers are overrunning the board. Ethercat and her moderators never let that kind of b.s. go down here. /board.

    This just makes me wonder why ethercat had to leave so suddenly if this is the result?

    • The firefight continues on ESMB. Emma (Michelle Sterling) lays into Free Being me with this reply!

      Let me tell you something….

      It took weeks to work out how to use the plugin for Featured Threads. It’s quite complicated with many MANY different settings which all affect the way threads are displayed etc. Do you know anything about adding a feature like this to a message board? Any idea about the permissions you have to set for each member group? Any idea of where to even find those settings in Xenforo?

      Yes you helped me after I asked you. I included most of your threads but added A LOT OF MY OWN that you had missed. I’m grateful for the time you took to help me with it.

      Obviously spammers have found a new way to bypass the registration and I’m looking into fixing that. Do you know how to fix it? Are you willing to help or just criticise?

      Seriously, GO FUCK YOURSELF.

      That’s my Emma! Appreciative of all her little ESMBers and all their contributions to her message board.

      • Free Being Me fires back!

        That doesn’t have anything to do with the fact I comprised a long list of threads for the featured threads section. You rejected threads started by Glenda who was huge contributor to ESMB, added 4 or 5 threads to the list I made then turn around claiming I “helped you.” You resorting to a red herring argument and cussing me out on top of it instead of admitting you are taking credit for the hours of work I put into searching the board for threads is gob-smacking. No, I’m not going to help you again with your failing board, you’ll probably take credit for that too if I did. Good luck with all that.

        I think what FreeBeingMe seems to be missing is that ESMB is Emma’s Board. It’s like her own backyard barbeQue and everyone else is just a guest there. It doesn’t matter that 99.999% of the food (content on ESMB) was created by other people than Emma, and that Emma has everyone else pay for the board – it’s HER BOARD!

        Jeez. I wish FBM would get that through her skull!

        But while Mommy and Auntie FBM fight with each other, what will happen to HelluvaHoax! Where will he go once ESMB collapses in a deluge of spam and in-fighting??

        Stay tuned: Alanzo Critic Enterprises might just have a solution for HelluvaHoax! and all of the other senior citizens who will be thrown out onto the street and without a home soon. If things keep going the way they have since Ethercat mysteriously left ESMB, HelluvaHoax!‘s trash can fire might be coming in handy!


        • Next, FreeBeingMe gets a good rogering

          RogerB says:

          “Hey! Free Being Me . . . you gone off yer rocker?!?

          This above and your following post are among the nastiest I’ve ever seen on ESMB.

          Emma thanked you for the work you did, and you come back with abuse?!? Emma is too beloved by the good and sensible folks here for that kind of shit.

          You’ve just blown any respect anyone has held for you.


          Notice that this rogering includes RogerB speaking for the whole board. These are the times when you start to see the long time feuds that members of message boards engage in, acting like a dysfunctional family, swooping in and sniping at each other any chance they get.

          This really is a good one. I expect that just about every member of the board is going to empty the benches and come after Free Being Me. Soon she’ll be suspected of going back in to Scientology and quite possibly being an OSA-paid agent provocateur.

          Pass the popcorn people! We got a LIVE ONE!

          • FBM responds to the rogering she got!

            “I’m going to spell this out for you and the rest of the people jumping to conclusions white-knighting Emma. I didn’t help Emma, she pm-ed me and I did all the work spending hours finding threads for the featured threads section while she takes credit for work she didn’t do. It’s as simple as that.

            On a side note I noticed Alanzo is posting about me on his blog. Hey Alanzo, I’m a man (not a she) with a set of balls far exceeding yours, you little wanker.

            Alanzo, checking his balls, has no comment at this time.

            • IToldYouIWasTrouble, after deleting her (his?) first post because of a lack of interest, stands up and speaks.

              Nobody is “white-knighting” … but what you (and Alanzo) are trying to do is called bullying.

              I will not just stand by and watch and apparently others feel the same.

              Pick another target … or better still apologise and move on, we all have bad days and we are an understanding crowd in the main.

              You were one of the best (and funniest) posters on ESMB, I’d love to see you back.


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