Elizabeth Moss is Not Afraid of You

elizabeth moss scientology
Elizabeth Moss Scientology is Not Afraid of You

This was a great article.

Despite the tribal anti-Scientology shitheads’ cries to the contrary, I have not gone back into Scientology. I graduated from it 19 years ago. Like graduating from kindergarten, I don’t even fit into the desks anymore.

While I do believe that David Miscavige is a violent psycho who continually takes the worst and most crazy of LRH’s policies and interprets them in the most depraved ways – utterly ruining the lives of many people – I am no longer at war with him, or them, or it.

That leads me to urge Scientologists to please get some balls and jettison that cultic asshole. Get someone to take over the Church of Scientology with sensibilities much more in line with LRH’s saner moments.

Then, that sensibility leads me, inevitably, to…

The Anti-Scientology Masturbatory David Miscavige Perp Walk

Where there were times when I longed to see David Miscavige Walk the Perp. I thought this would be the only thing that would allow me to consecrate my war with Scientology. It would be the ultimate spooge to my own Scientology apostasy.

Sadly, tragically, I no longer believe this is in the power of my own hands. Maybe we’ll need to #AskMikeRinder, as the head of Scientology’s Office of Special Affairs for 22 years, to make that happen.

So maybe all this was a hangover from my Scientology days, where I believed that a thetan can make ANYTHING go right. Or maybe I’ve just grown up. I don’t know. But I do spend most of my days now emphasizing things I can control, such as my love for beautiful and talented actresses like Elizabeth Moss.

Elizabeth Moss Scientology

It’s so much nicer now to put all that Elizabeth Moss Scientology bullshit out of my mind and watch her GO AT her character – which is what Elizabeth Moss does.

This girl takes a character and turns it inside out and lets you see all up inside them. When she goes at a character she displays everything they think and feel, and you UNDERSTAND why they do what they do. And you WANT them to reach every dream they’ve ever dreamt.

That’s how good of an actress Elizabeth Moss is.

Elizabeth Moss is a marauding work of art. In any production, she chews up everything in her path. All that’s left is the soul of the character she presents to you.

Did Scientology make her do that?

I knew an Olympic athlete once. I watched that person pick and choose what he wanted out of Scientology. I watched him, and I helped him, USE the Scientology he picked to get him where he wanted to go.

So I do know, up close and personal, how any human being can take Scientology and make it work for them.

The question which brings perspective to all this is, “How many Olympic Athletes has Scientology made?”

Nobel Prize winners?

Fortune 500 CEOs?

Academy Award-winning, Emmy winning dramatists?

Ask those critical thinking questions, and it gives you the proper perspective on the workability of Scientology to create Elizabeth Moss’s.

The Secret to Scientology

After 37 years in and out of Scientology, I know it’s secret: It has always been YOU.

YOU decide what parts of Scientology you are going to use and what you are going to ignore. YOU are the one who is going to make it “work” or not.

And I can’t say that L Ron Hubbard ever said anything different than that.

Will David Miscavige take credit for Elizabeth Moss’ brilliance?

He better not, or I will dream of beating that psycho-fucker harder than any of his Sea Org members have ever been beaten by him.

Way harder.

Will Elizabeth Moss assign her brilliance to Scientology? I fuckin hope not, because that would be the worst Scientology self-invalidation I’ve witnessed yet.

So, knowing the secret to Scientology, it is easy for me to root for Elizabeth Moss – even if she is a Scientologist.

Scientology is a Minority Religion

I know what it is like to be a member of a minority religion and to have all kinds of people whispering all kinds of stupid, and wrong, bullshit behind your back. And I know what it is like to be OUT THERE and not giving a fuck about what those people think or say.

And to do your best anyway.

That’s why I root for this Elizabeth Moss Scientology thing:

Elizabeth Moss is not afraid of you.

And that makes me so happy.

After all these years, I can now root for Elizabeth Moss both as a Scientologist, and as an actress.

Tell me now:

Is that so wrong?

2 thoughts on “Elizabeth Moss is Not Afraid of You”

  1. Excellent post, Alanzo! I don’t think I’ve ever seen one that was more insightful — of yours or anybody else’s.

    You posed the following questions:

    “How many Olympic Athletes has Scientology made?”
    “Nobel Prize winners?”
    “Fortune 500 CEOs?”
    “Academy Award-winning, Emmy winning dramatists?”

    So what do you think the answers to those questions would be for members of comparable groups (i.e. self-help or spiritual groups) in terms of comparison percentages of their total membership numbers? My guess would be that those members who were mainly interested in spiritual pursuits – as were/are many, if not most, Scientologists – rather than the more worldly pursuits of fame and fortune, you probably wouldn’t find any better percentages than the Scientologists. Maybe not even as good, for all I know. What can you say about this?

    • Scientology, to me, was always a way to reach my best self.

      In some ways, I made that. Then lost it.

      But in other ways, I definitely didn’t. And did again.

      I’ll bet this is true for a lot of people who got themselves involved in Scientology.

      Not just me.


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