Charles Lakes, Scientology’s Olympic Thetan

c_lakes2In my struggle to clear the planet, I inevitably had wrong ideas.

And so, from time to time, I needed correction.

I was often called back to LA in order to see what I needed to see in order to fully and completely be in the beingness necessary to do the doingness necessary to have the havingness necessary to clear the planet from Peoria.

And so it was on one of these trips in 1987 that I met back up with Charles Lakes, my twin on the Hubbard Qualified Scientologist course. Charles had continued to work his postulate to make it to the Olympics.

So when Charles and I met again that day in the reception area at ASHO, he told me he was ready. We had discussed this very thing many times while on the HQS course together, and this was now it.

He wanted to take what we learned together on the HQS Course and use it to compete better for the Olympic Trials. He wanted me to go with him to Salt Lake City where we would do the Training Routines again. We would do them each again before his competitions so that he would be totally in Present Time when he walked out on to the floor. With all the TV cameras, and the bright lights, and all the SP media reporters bullbaiting him, he would stay in focus and wow the world with his awesome, and quite considerable, gymnastic abilities.

He wanted me to stay with him in the same hotel in Salt Lake so we could do the TRs together before each of his events. And he would have a “terminal” there who knew how to help if he needed it.

I enthusiastically agreed.

This was Planetary Dissemination like we had never seen before. This was using Scientology to reach the highest heights possible for Mankind. This was The Olympics!

Penny Keaton, one of the greatest people ever and the Deputy Exec Director of ASHO, raised the donations necessary to send me from my little mission in Peoria. And when I finally got the call at 10pm the night before from Cary, my senior at Scientology Missions International, okaying me to be off post as ED of the Peoria Mission, to go be with Charles Lakes to ensure that a Scientologist won the Olympics, I was on a plane the very next morning, checking into my hotel.

[ezcol_2third id=”” class=”” style=””]I was at the top of the Scientology Tone Scale. This was where we would show the world what Dianetics could do. This was where we would apply The Tech and begin to take over the world. I rushed upstairs and dropped my bags in my room. Then I rushed down to the lobby to see the other contenders arrive and to look for Charles.

There were national sports media people everywhere. In corner hallways, bright lights were set up while journalists interviewed different gymnasts from all over the country about their hopes and dreams of making the US Olympics Team. Charles was not anywhere to be found. Nor could I reach him on any phone, or in any room. All I knew was that his first event was the next day at noon, and he had agreed to be at my room by 10am.[/ezcol_2third]

[ezcol_1third_end id=”” class=”” style=””]Charles Lakes on High Bar [/ezcol_1third_end]

At 10:15 the next morning, there was a knock at my door. It was Charles, smiling widely in his half-Chinese smile.

We got straight down to business. I had two chairs set up facing each other, and all the Scientology references I might need in case there was a spiritual crisis. I knew that one of the most important parts of the trip was for Charles to credit Dianetics for his success during an interview to the national media. But since he had not yet won anything, we needed to get him to win something, so that when he won, someone would interview him. Then, he could credit Dianetics for his success in gymnastics to the world.

This was major.

We sat right down and went into TR Zero.

TR Zero is a communication drill that L Ron Hubbard created to get a person to “be there comfortably and perceive”. You sit across from another person, about three feet apart, and “comfortably perceive” them as long as it takes to get you to “be there”.

This drill turns on quite a few weird perceptions. While you steadily gaze into the eyes of the person across from you, their face can turn into molten lava. The room sometimes turns completely white, except for their glowing eyes, staring at you. I always considered that this was their true thetan coming through, while the physical universe dropped away.

Charles and I had done this particular drill for hours a day, for weeks at a time, in our earlier training together. So we now did it for as long as Charles needed to feel “in present time”, or “in PT”.

We wanted to get him in PT and prepared to go out on to the competition floor. We wanted him to comfortably confront all the world media, the huge crowd of howling and clapping people, and to be fully “there” to focus fully on his routine and to get through it exactly as he intended, and then stick his landing.

And win his event.

That first day, he competed very, very well. As we continued doing TRs, and as he kept competing, he continued to do very, very well.

In fact, Charles was doing VERY well.

Before the 1988 Olympic Trials began, Charles Lakes was not considered a contender to make it to the US Olympic team. It was considered a long shot for Charles to even make the position of Alternate on the team – the guy who would travel as a back-up in case one of the other athletes got hurt.

But little did anyone know, and exactly as Charles and I had “postulated”, Charles went on to win the whole 1984 Olympic Trials for Gymnastics. Charles Lakes was the number 1 qualifier for the US Olympic team for the 1988 Olympics in Seoul, Korea.

And he was the first Black Thetan to go to the Olympics for the USA in gymnastics.

I was there.

I saw it all.

In fact, I helped to make it happen.

It was one of the most exhilarating things I’ve ever experienced. As I was learning, a “win” is also a “win” for anyone who helped.

And we used Scientology to do it.