Does Anyone Know Anything About Ron Miscavige?

Ron Miscavige, Jr:

Very few people seem to have heard from David Miscavige’s brother over the decades.

I’ve been out for 20 years & I’ve only recently realized that, besides a personal letter I received from him in the 80’s,  I don’t know anything about him.

He seems to have disappeared.

Did Tom Padgett work with him on his film “The Bridge”?

What does anyone really know about Ron Miscavige, Jr?

Ron Miscavige Scientology

David Miscavige’s brother Ron Miscavige was part of International Management for the Church of Scientology – until he disappeared. No one has even asked about him since. Where is Ron Miscavige?


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  1. John Doe June 30, 2019 at 7:31 am #

    Ask his dad?

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