Mike Rinder’s Bean Theory of Truth & Reconciliation With Old Guard Scientology Critics

I tweeted this out today.

And so it begins.

6 thoughts on “Mike Rinder’s Bean Theory of Truth & Reconciliation With Old Guard Scientology Critics”

  1. You were talking (in another post) about that there is a difference between scientology sans Sea org. I came into Scientology at the Church of Scientology Mission of Riverside in 1974, I was 12, and I went there both because my father asked me to go with him and because I wanted to see what he had gotten himself into. Yea, I was not your normal 12 year old, my background precluded it. Story for another time.

    Anyway, I tried out their courses, the Comm course, and an auditing action called Life Repair. I was unimpressed with both, and when what was apparently a new person considering taking services (which I only found out later) asked me if I had tried any auditing – I said yes – and asked me what I thought of it, I told the person my honest opinion, which was basically that I was unimpressed so far. I then pointed out the past lives book that was sitting on their book display, and said, now THAT is intriguing.

    Long story short, I found myself in a room (I think it was an old gym room) with some crazy person telling me how I was a Suppressive and Evil for denigrating the wondrous technology of L. Ron Hubbard and how I was going to have to do “amends” and “ethics conditions”. Two things came out of that meeting (well, the ones I’m highlighting right now anyway) one was that my now strong interest in this clearly dirty organization was going to require that I’d have to be more undercover-like about my real intentions, and two, that I talked my way out of it using their own references that I had already identified were in direct conflict with what this chick was trying to run on me. Something that would serve me well in the years to come, by the way.

    But this ridiculously harsh behavior towards what, to all outward appearances, is simply a 12 year old child, begs the question of: Did Bent and Mary Corydon trained and “corrected” to run their mission to Hubbard’s sea org level standards?

    Because that kind of Sea Org craziness was clearly evident in their mission by that time, in how I was treated.

    • I started in a mission far from LA, run by George Seidler who was one of the earliest dianeticists. Friends with Phil Spickler and Lyle Sudrow and all those guys. He never went in for Sea Org command intention.

      He just wanted to audit.

      So I was lucky i guess.

      But I did experience a non-abusive form of scientology. I do know it can exist.


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