Church of Scientology Operation Snow WhiteRemote-Viewed is a frequent poster on the MileStone 2 blog, as well as Mike Rinder’s blog and a few others around the Post-Scientology Internet. He has a view all his own.

He is in the middle of telling his story as a member of the infamous Guardian’s Office in the 1970’s during the Church of Scientology Operation Snow White criminal campaign, for which 11 top Scientologists, including Mary Sue Hubbard, were tried, convicted, and sent to prison.

This is Remote-Viewed’s Part 2 on the Milestone 2 blog. He has provided an earlier segment to this post, and he threatens to provide at least one more post after this one on the subject.

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Even though a few of the posters there may disagree with me on a few things about LRH and Scientology, we probably agree on more than we know.

Here’s Remote-Viewed’s post called “Snow White”:

“by Remote Viewed’

“*This is part two in a series, which will probably continue for some time. You can read part one here.’

“To provide a background, for those not familiar with the history of the C of S relating to the Guardian’s Office (and the alteration of LRH’s “Operation Snow White”), in the early 1970s, the Church of Scientology was increasingly scrutinized by US federal agencies, having already been raided by the Food and Drug Administration in 1963. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) claimed the Church owed millions of dollars in taxes and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) sent agents into the organization. The Church’s response involved a publicity campaign, litigation against the IRS and in 1973, a program of infiltration of government agency offices, based on a Guardian’s Order 1361 (not written by LRH). Around this time L. Ron Hubbard himself wrote Guardian Order 732, which called for the removal and correction of “erroneous” Scientology files. It is here that ‘Operation Snow White’ has its origins. This order called for this to be achieved by legal means, however this was altered by those within the GO, resulting in LRH later being named by federal prosecutors as an “unindicted co-conspirator”.’

“Now, to focus more on the events at that time, in the early 70’s, a CSW was sent up to the Guardian, Jane Kember, by the then-Assistant Guardian for Information for the FCDC, Mike Meisner, (who some, including myself, suspected of being a plant, or in FBI parlance a “Confidential Informant” or CI — which is a serendipitous abbreviation for sure, because it directly resulted in the raids that followed and not “Operation Snow White”).’

“This CSW resulted in the Guardian’s Order 1361, which was to find a Guardian Assisting Scientologist (GAS) also known as “FSM”, to infiltrate the main offices of the IRS in Washington and basically make copies of any files the IRS had on Scientology relating to its ongoing appeal and dispute with the IRS regarding their decision to revoke the Church’s 501Ciii in 1967.’

“Again, serendipitously, they managed to find a GAS or FSM by the name of Gerald Wolfe whom they code named “Silver” (and who some, including myself, suspected was a plant or CI), and who was immediately hired by the IRS as a clerk in their central office.’

“What is somewhat suspicious about Wolfe being hired is the fact that due the recession at the time the US Government had instituted a hiring freeze yet despite this fact Wolfe was “hired” almost immediately upon applying for the job.’

“As Lewis Carroll has Alice saying “Curious and Curiouser”.’

“It seems that Meisner and Wolfe had thrown all trade craft out the window and began photocopying mass quantities of files relating to IRS’ case against Scientology on the IRS’ photocopy machine.’

“Another thing which led to Wolfe’s immediate arrest was that he was carrying a forged ID. One he didn’t need, because as an IRS employee he had his own valid ID, granting him access to the Government Library were he and Meisner (who was also carrying a forged ID) were caught.’

“That and the fact that after they were caught red handed, committing acts of espionage against the US Government, they both received rather light sentences. They were both ordered to do some community service and they were put on probation while their “co-conspirators” (including Mary Sue) ended up spending time in jail.’

“Of course we are assured by Marty Rathbun, in his book, that Meisner was just “disillusioned” about being a Scientology Warrior, and that there was “absolutely no evidence that he was a plant”. This coming from Marty, who himself has a somewhat shady past with definite connections to psychiatry, which he tries to defuse by admitting to in his “limited hang out”.’

“In summary, the GO activities were a rogue operation which totally violated LRH’s Snow White’s objective to obtain the information “by any *legal* (my emphasis) means”, using the Freedom of Information Act, which many GO members worked assiduously on, along with other like minded organizations, so they could do just that, instead of take the easy illegal route that they took in GO 1361.’

“More coming soon…”

To add some context and more information about operation snow white, here’s a Google Search to get you started:

Google Search: “Church of Scientology Operation Snow White”

Is Remote-Viewed giving accurate facts, in addition to his opinions on those facts?

What evidence has he presented for what he writes?

Think about these and comment on them in the comments section below.