Aaron Smith Levin Engages in Religious Persecution of Elderly Scientologists in Clearwater

Trying to get Scientology’s tax exemption reviewed and canceled is one thing. Very acceptable – even laudable.

Trying to get Scientology’s criminal acts prosecuted – incredibly valuable. Scientology’s victims must see justice.

Harassing elderly Scientologists on the street at night – simply because they are Scientologists?

That’s religious persecution, and I strongly oppose it.

Here’s my video calling out Aaron Smith Levin for his religious persecution of elderly Scientologists.

7 thoughts on “Aaron Smith Levin Engages in Religious Persecution of Elderly Scientologists in Clearwater”

  1. Everything that has gone wrong in SCN has gone on during their watch. So with all due respect, they have ignored what they have seen, including the abuse of less wealthy elderly people.

    • Dear Dee,

      Please excuse me. could you please clarify? I am pretty sure I understand what you are saying here, but I am having trouble understanding it. My experience in Scientology (and it is a long, long experience) is that there are very, very few public Scientologists who are aware of any abuse in Scientology. There’s much abuse that is very real in some of the organizations, but when it happens the lid is put on it very quickly and thoroughly and communication regarding is shut down to as few people as possible. Alanzo’s observations are correct – these people Aaron is pestering on the street are very likely completely unaware of any wrongdoing on the part of the Church.

      • I agree. I find it counterproductive and wrong-headed for protesters of local orgs to scream: “Stop child trafficking!” or “End the abuse of the elderly!”, and even blaming them for the criminal activity of Danny Masterson. Local orgs didn’t cover up Masterson’s crimes, or black PR his accusers. Miscavige and OSA did.

        The local public scientologists and org staff members are not aware of these things because they are not in the Sea Org, or in OSA. And not even all Sea Org members are aware of these particular abuses. So when local org publics hear these accusations and grievances, it just solidifies their viewpoint that all protesters are lying SPs who want to stop Scientology from “clearing the planet”. It’s counterproductive. Achieves nothing that is helpful. It’s better to mainly educate the public whenever an org Div 6 staff is doing “free stress tests” outside and taking people’s name and address. Educating them that once you get on Scientology’s mailing list the junk mail from them will never stop. And also directing them to websites that exposes how expensive the courses are, constant regging for donations, etc… This approach is more realistic and helpful for folks.

  2. Whatever someone thinks about Scientology, harassing strangers, as they walk around and filming them against their wishes is not acceptable.

    Harassing an older woman at night. Why wouldn’t they feel threatened? Stalking and filming public scientologists…
    Seems to have a slight “fair game” feel about it. Wonder how far Aaron will go with these tactics.


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