The Worst Thing You Can Do To Yourself As An Ex-Scientologist

People need simplistic explanations for Scientology because it’s too much work to understand it. They just want Scientology to be a cult & Hubbard to be a con man because it’s easier to think with that way. Even an Ex-Scientologist can go through a period where this is what they want.

In the long run, that’s never going to work. So even though this need for simplistic understandings is understandable, in the end, it will never do what you need it to do.

But even this is not the worst thing you can do to yourself as an Ex-Scientologist.

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Good post.


yes Alanzo, the power of choice is what makes us, or does it? It depends.

What sits behind the power of choice is rhetoric, which Hubbard used to get us to become a scientologist.

What sits behind one getting out of scientology is rhetoric as well.

But if we break down rhetoric to pathos, ethos and logos, why hubbard used all 3 means, and getting out requires the same. Funny how that is?

So, are us ex scientologists just supposed to move on up and not tell of our experiences?


It’s true that many anti’s go on about how Scientologists are brainwashed and “Ronbots” – but others take a very unsypathetic view of them and say how stupid they must be, or how “willifully ignorant” they are about the abuses and other outpoints. They (the anti’s) seem to want it both ways – that Scientologists are completely at effect and that they are aware of what’s going on but refuse to be honest about it. Maybe some of them hold both views as their own cognitive dissonance.

Btw, Alanzo, you seem to be as good at relatively extemporaneous (I assume) speaking as you are at writing – although you haven’t done nearly as much of it, as far as I know. These recordings were a great idea.


I’m getting a “403 Forbidden” message when I try to go on Mike Rinder’s blog. I wonder what’s up with that. I’ve posted some general conversation comments there over the last month which went through and no hostile comments. I still find some interesting comments there, or at least I did. Oh well. Maybe it’s just an internet mystery.


I’m getting the same message, but be a disruption in service


For a day I thought I was involved in internet intrigue – “Forbidden” from a website – ha ha

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