Doug Kramer Gathered an Audience of True Critical Thinkers – One of Them is Philosophie

Philosophie was one of Doug Kramer’s commenters who always had the most insightful and penetrating comments. Partly because she is an artist who is intellectually curious and very well-read.

This seems to be one of the qualities Doug Kramer gathered in his audience. A quality I valued about him and his channel tremendously.

Philosophie has started a new channel that asks important questions for any Ex-Scientologist or Never In to think about.

Here is her latest video:

Here’s one of my comments to her:


“I can answer one of your questions to Doug with my own personal experience re Amphetamines: In the 80’s, when I first started in Scn, I worked under a guy who studied and worked directly with L Ron Hubbard since the very earliest days. The first course he took was in June of 1950. Dianetics was published in May of 1950.

He was an early research auditor in scn and helped develop some of the “tech”. He told me that he and several other auditors, in coordination with Hubbard, would give their pre-clears amphetamines before their auditing sessions to see if they could dig up any more content in their auditing. He told me that this line of research turned out to be a dead end, meaning, no one came up with any more incidents to run that turned out to be beneficial for the preclear. Very soon, before the 50’s were over, all ideas that any drug might enhance auditing were abandoned, and a complete non-drug approach was made the standard.

In order to put these ideas into their proper perspective, you have to see them within the context of the ideology: an auditor was looking for content from the ‘reactive mind’ to run so the preclear had the biggest realizations about his own life, had the most “wins” from his own perspective, and thus – because of that – became the most loyal Scientologist.

Believe it or not, early Scientology was all about helping people to live better lives in their own estimation. That was what produced the most loyal Scientologists who would swallow anything, and would pay the most money.

It’s all about adopting the ideology of Scientology to make sense of your own life, and the world. Once you’d adopted the ideology of Scientology, as with any other ideology, it began to do all your thinking for you.

Doug and I agreed on about 95% of everything – except when it came to being an Ex-Scientologist, and how one should view their own previous life as Scientologists. That 5% was highly contentious, and it made both of us mad at each other. I was not able to resolve these differences with Doug before the mother fucker died on me.

Happy New Year, and please keep making videos. Doug created a precedent of courageous and true critical thinking.

I believe that precedent should turn into a lineage.”



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