Present TimeThe technology at the end of the Bridge to Total Freedom in Scientology is very different from the technology at the beginning.

L Ron Hubbard said that the difference had to do with “gradients”. No. The character of the technology, and the goals of the technology at the beginning of the Bridge are completely different from the character and the goals of the technology at the end of the Bridge.

I’d always said that when I first got involved in Scientology, it changed my life massively for the better. And I’ve asked myself to examine what is different about Scientology when you are first getting involved?

Present Time.

Besides Book One Dianetics, almost all the services I took in training and auditing were designed to put me, and to keep me, in present time. TRs, Locationals, CCHs, even the Purification Rundown, all have as their goals to put you and keep you “IN PRESENT TIME”.

One of the LRH books that had the biggest and best effects on my life, believe it or not, was “The Problems of Work”. It had processes in it like “Take a Walk” and “Locationals”, ideas about SPACE, and other tech I could use to change my own mood and state of mind.

That was a huge discovery for me when I was first getting involved in Scientology. And one that I really needed.

I was a bored, drunk, stoned drummer-type musician guy who hated college and was still totally, painfully, and tragically in heartbreaking love with my first girlfriend from high school. I walked around for YEARS pining for her. I could not get rid of the horrible feeling of having lost her – even though I had been the one to break up with her. I’d many girlfriends after her. I had even backpacked through Egypt, Israel, Greece, and Morocco for over a year trying to forget her.

But still, the pain of losing Julie was my constant companion from the time I was 17 years old until I was 23, when I walked in the doors of the Champaign, IL Scientology mission on John Street.

I’d read Dianetics, and the simplistic model for the mind which was presented to me there was ANALYTICAL MIND, REACTIVE MIND and SOMATIC MIND. I knew that if I was pining for Julie, then I was “keyed in” from the past bad experiences of my REACTIVE MIND, and I needed to get myself more into my ANALYTICAL MIND, and into present time – and not wallow in my bank so much pining for Julie.

Pining for Julie!

Pining for Julie!

Really – it was like that.

I soon quit smoking pot to be more in present time. I quit drinking so much to be more in present time. And I started doing more processes from Scientology to get me, and to keep me, in present time.

And I finally quit pining for Julie!

These ideas, and the processes that were given to me to manage my own moods were a revelation in my life. They worked like a bomb. And were one set of experiences that made me “reach” to get ALL of this Scientology stuff as soon as I could.

I figured that if this worked as well as it did, then the rest was going to work EVEN BETTER!

Scientology technology that is devoted to putting a person into Present Time is part of what’s good in Scientology.

That “present time” as a goal is abandoned fairly quickly on the Bridge to Total Freedom as the dominant case-improvement technology is an outpoint worth noting for anyone who seeks to analyze Scientology.

And when you do, try not listening to what LRH says about why that is so.

You’ll get farther.