TRANSCRIPT: The Aftermath Foundation Statement on Why Aaron Smith Levin Was Fired

Statement Dated 22 November 2023 by the Aftermath Foundation in response to Aaron Smith Levin’s video on why he was fired as Vice President. Delivered by President AF Claire Headley.


Hi my name is Claire Headley. I am board president of the Aftermath Foundation.

The board of directors has prepared the following letter to respond to recent events.

Here it is.

The events of the last few days have left a lot of people with questions. We apologize for the upset and confusion this created. We realized we need to provide more information about the history and recent changes that have happened within the Foundation.

The Aftermath Foundation was formed in December 2017 by the following founding members:

President Luis Garcia, Vice President Aaron Smith Levin, Secretary Christy Collbran, Treasurer, Claire Headley
Board Members, Mike Rinder, Ray Jeffery and Marc Headley

On May 23 2023, several board members were alerted to misconduct by Aaron Smith Levin. Over the next few days the board discussed this matter and what to do including reviewing his history of incidents of misconduct that had been brought to the attention of board members previously. Two of these included law enforcement involvement.

The board considered asking Aaron to voluntarily resign. In response to this, on May 28 2023, the president of the board Luis Garcia resigned. He was not asked to resign, nor was he forced out. He resigned. The board asked Luis to reconsider his decision. He did not respond to this request.

On May 30, Claire Headley was voted in as the new president of the Aftermath Foundation.

On June 3, the Board asked Aaron to resign based on his history of misconduct, in violation of article seven of the bylaws implemented by the founding members in 2017.

Quote, conduct because of its strong beliefs and high moral standards based on traditional values, the organization reserves the right to expect from all of its officers and directors to maintain high moral standards and social values that do not conflict with traditional spiritual morals unquote.

In an email to the board members on June 3, Aaron stated quote, I will commit to voluntarily resigning, unquote.

He requested that his resignation become effective in six month’s time. In a compromise the board and Aaron agreed for his voluntary resignation date to take effect on September 3, 2023.

On June 4, the board voted to add Amy Scoby and Mark ‘Matt’ Pesch.

On August 16 2023, the Foundation was notified by the state of Florida that conflict of interest policies would be required in order to renew our licensure to operate as a nonprofit organization in that state. The foundation was given 15 days to comply in order to continue its operations in Florida. Attorney and board member Ray Jeffery drafted policies to comply with this requirement.

On August 17, 2023, all board members received and voted on the policies that were drafted. All members, including Aaron, confirmed receipt of this email as well as the proposed policies.

Aaron expressed disagreement with these policies. As required by the State of Florida, the board voted to accept and implement these policies by a quorum.

On August 20, in a phone conversation with board president Claire Headley, Aaron verbally stated that he had no intentions to resign on the 4th of September.

On August 29, Aaron Smith Levin sent an email to board president Claire Headley that stated the following quote, I never sent you anything after our last phone call last Sunday, and I said that I would. To summarize, I recognize that my judgment and decision-making in my personal life has been quite careless over the past five years or so. Considering the level of scrutiny and potential menace from OSA. One might think this would have been obvious to me before now, but it truly was not. What happened in Los Angeles and also reading these OSA programs for the first time has been a massive eye opener for me. I assure you I will not expose myself to such risk or put myself in a similar position in the future, Unquote.

On September 3, in light of his stated commitment, the board voted that Aaron remain a member.

On November 6, Aaron again violated the agreed upon conduct of foundation board members.

On November 8, he was asked to voluntarily resign and he refused to do so.

Finally, on November 12, the board had a meeting in which a vote was passed to remove Aaron Smith Levin. Aaron attended this meeting and he was aware of the history and reasons leading up to this decision.

The board agreed and discussed with Aaron that it would not be beneficial to anyone, other than Scientology, for any of this to be aired in public.

The Board of the Aftermath Foundation remains committed to exposing Scientology’s abuses and helping those who have suffered as a result of Scientology policies. We remain grateful for the work Luis Garcia and Aaron Smith Levin contributed to our cause as two of our founding members.

Thank you for your continued support.

34 thoughts on “TRANSCRIPT: The Aftermath Foundation Statement on Why Aaron Smith Levin Was Fired”

  1. I’m neutral and respectful of all those involved. Confusion could easily be cleared by revealing the wording of article seven referenced here.It could also be clarifying to stipulate how Aaron has violated this article in different ways. Both points of views may be very viable. I appreciate the work all of you have done. You are all very brave and I’m eternally grateful that I never had to grow up in any cult or be lured into one, as an adult. I dated an ex poligamist, not knowing he was one until I fell for him and the layers of pain he embodies and imposes on others is tremendous. Thank you for your time and attention.

  2. Uh, Oh, Marc, Clair and Mike, you done messed up, for real!

    I know you were all at the top of the cult when you were in SC and Mike was the biggest lying mouthpiece the cult had. The only reason he left SC was because he failed to do his job in England and when they pulled on his leash to come home he knew he was in deep, deep do-do. If he had been able to cover up the shit-show in England he’d still be selling their BS to everyone. He didn’t leave SC because of some moral epiphany, he left to save his own ass. How can you believe anything the Snake Oil Salesman says. He has admitted to telling lies for years and ruing peoples live all in the name of SC. Just think about this, Aaron raised money for Mike’s cancer treatment only to be stabbed in the back. Marc and Clair are no better for backing him up. He’s not even on the board but seems to be controlling all the action and making all the decisions. Congratulations on showing us just what you really are.
    So sad for you three but Aaron is much better off being away from the poisonous group you have become.
    Aaron has just aired all the dirty laundry you were trying to blackmail him with so all your ammunition is gone. That’s real transparency, something you know nothing about. How does it feel to have all the hot air gone from your balloon?
    Stand back and watch Aaron start a new foundation and see the Aftermath Foundation become just an insignificant footnote in the destruction of a cult. You three have lost all credibility and the chances of getting it back are slim and none. Seeya.

  3. I am not surprised at this turn of events, as it has Mike Rinder’s fingerprints all over it. Anyone who is capable of the cruel and vicious behavior Mr. Rinder performed for Scientology will never truly change. He was, by his own admission, also a serial liar while working for the cult and he still seems very good at that as well. I suspect that Mike, Claire and Marc will be quite surprised that most observers will side with Aaron on this issue, as Aaron is coming across as transparent and mature, while they are reverting to the underhanded duplicity that they mastered while working at the top echelons of Scientology.

  4. Honestly I don’t care what Aaron did or didn’t do which is a good thing because after reading this “statement” I still have no idea. It reads like an excerpt from “the gotcha files.” Pathetic. As for me, I support Aaron who in my judgment has been sincere and transparent from Go and will be unfollowing & unsubscribing the rest of this twisted bunch. Glad I’m not escaping a cult and need a trustworthy & dependable non-profit to assist me as clearly none exists.

  5. Honestly, I only know you guys including Aaron from YouTube. I’m literally just out of Scientology. I dunno what Aaron has or hasn’t done. I dunno what Claire, Mike and Mark have or haven’t done to sort things out behind the scenes. I DO know that none of you make things any easier for some of us. Though Aaron is behaving with more transparency and at least one can understand his emotions! SPTV has helped me a lot. Out of all these guys though, I’d turn to Aaron first! Just saying!

  6. “The board agreed and discussed with Aaron that it would not be beneficial to anyone, other than Scientology, for any of this to be aired in public.”
    … And then you make it public… What a bunch of hypocrites. YOU are going to make it much less likely that scientologists that want to flee, will go to you for help! How can they trust an organization that does the exact same thing that Scientology does to its victims?!?

    Shame on you!

  7. I am astonished with the actions you have taken against Aaron. You’ve lost my support and I hope he starts a new foundation. For former Scientologists, your behavior seems as if you still belong to the heinous cult. I will still support Aaron.

  8. I am astonished with the actions you have taken against Aaron. You’ve lost my support and I hope he starts a new foundation. For former Scientologists, your behavior seems as if you still belong to the heinous cult.

      • I wonder how much of the ex-scientology community is currently in therapy??? and how is it ok for the aftermath board to have former members who were obviously abusers while in COS…For those that seek the aftermath’s help….isn’t it like re-traumatizing them all over again??? Imagine someone who contacted the foundation and realized their abusers are in charge??? kind of like what COS did to the Cult Awareness Network….holy hell… so ya Daniel I agree…stop supporting ALL of them…because at this point we have no idea who is telling the truth or lying

      • Nothing within Scientology or with the Ex-Sci community can ever be trusted…Everyone has been taught to LIE!

        All cults use Obfuscation but Scientology has skllfully brought it to a whole new level…Some still using it on purpose and others don’t know they are….Maybe there should be a survey on how many ex-scientologists have had serious therapy???

        There is no point in searching for truth as its simply not attainable…which makes everything with SPTV and AF a complete and utter Psycho Shitshow!

    • He criticized an attorney on the board for not showing up to a court appointment against scientology… Without saying his name. It’s BS.

    • He was assaulted by a patron at a bar, and had to call police… It was NEVER a situation where he was the bad guy… Maybe because he was accused of trespassing while he left the bar (no charges filed, he left voluntarily).

      • Aaron was definitely the bad guy. If someone called my wife a c*@t once (or multiple times) then I would have defended her as well. The police bodycam doesnt make Aaron look very positive. Aaron keeps asking if “legally” the guy could assault him because he knows that the answer is no, but any real husband would have defended his wife the same way. The officer also told Aaron point blank the same thing because nobody should speak to a woman the way Aaron was speaking.

  9. Shame on you Mike, Marc, Claire and Christie. Are you all back in Scientology? Are you all perfect? Are you sin free in your personal lives? Have you ever harmed people in the course of your life choices? Grow up and figure out a solution, invite Aaron back and resolve your issues like adults!

  10. This entire sordid *affair* has left a bad taste in my mouth.

    This isn’t how you treat people you’ve worked closely with for many years. It certainly isn’t the way you treat a friend.

    Any of my previous support for your organization, be it emotional or financial, has been ended by your actions as of late.

    I don’t need to know the whole story to know I don’t *trust* you to truly do the right thing any more. I am sincerely disappointed and disgusted.

  11. This is heartbreaking. Aaron’s content is so sincere and he has been the reason I have known about the foundation. Not knowing how these relationships fractured so publicly,I am still shocked by the frigid statement above. I agree that this statement feels defensive, vague and devoid of the relationships that preceded this ousting. Those of us who wish to support those exiting cults do not like to hear of discord within such a wonderful foundation. I hope wellness sessions are offered to all of them. I hope they are able to give each other grace one day.

  12. I think that this decision will cost you a lot of supporters. Hopefully, other foundations will be formed to support those who leave Scientology.
    As others have commented, you actions reek of Scientology-like behaviours – lack of transparency, vague but suggestive statements of wrongdoing, manipulation as well as blatantly incorrect information, etc….
    Someone done messed up big time and it wasn’t A-a-ron.
    This would not have been done if you were wanting what was best for the foundation and those individuals who desperately need the help your organization has provided. No one has promoted the foundation more than Aaron Smith-Levin.

    • WHO ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? What actions reek of Scientology?? Is the Church of Latter Day Saints transparent? No. Vague? The Islamic republic is so vague in their allegations against people that International Human Rights organizations are issuing alerts. Manipulation? How are they being manipulative? Did Claire start sobbing five minutes in? Aaron said he didn’t want to leave the Aftermath Foundation because of the PERSONAL REPUTATIONAL DAMAGE IT WOULD DO TO HIM. That’s selfish, period. He contradicted himself in his “final” video on the subject I wanted to get out a score sheet to keep track.

      I think Aaron dun stated his own cult and you guys are neck deep in his kool aide.

      • What reeks of scientology?
        1. The party line of “oh, we had to expel his ass for failing to live up to our strict moral code.”
        2. The demand that being a board member ought to be incompatible with criticizing others who could be vaguely construed to be doing anti-scn charitable work.
        3. The willful and deliberately misleading shaping of facts to effectively defame another.. In this case, bringing up the “police involvement” in a couple of trivial incidents that had zero to do with Aaron’s AF work.
        4. The underhandedness of this “committee of evidence” process, and the making up of the kangaroo court rules along the way.
        5. Their manipulative statement on youtube which essentially boiled down to “we’re not going to discuss this issue here because we’re taking the high road. But let us say that we’re right and Aaron’s wrong.” No evidence provided, naturally.
        6. The effort to turn this into a “secret declare” and the lack of transparency.

        You seem to scoff at demanding transparency and accountability. I certainly don’t buy that these ideals are less important just because some churches or religions don’t practice them sufficiently. AF is NOT a church but an organization demanding these qualities from scn. So they must practice what they preach.

        You also suggest that Aaron’s emotional reaction is somehow manipulative. Him getting emotional on his channel, typically for reasons NOT involving his personal interests, is far from unprecedented. But I’d say that being booted from a labor of love that you co-founded is enough to get anyone choked up. Along with having to face that what you thought of as your best friends have backstabbed you and are turning their backs on you. And finally, having the sorry state of your marriage come up as an issue that you were rightfully trying to keep out of public knowledge. That sounds like plenty to get choked up over.

        By contrast, what does Claire have to be upset about? As a former cult operative, she is well familiar with the idea that the ends justify the means. And the ends don’t need any justification at all. Or in “captain” dave’s words that “power is not something you receive; it’s something you take.” Does the same hold true for the AF?

  13. Wow, this is all very Scientologist of you guys. Way to show a united front. Judging peoples ethics and morals? Osa would be proud. I guess you can leave scientology, but I assume it’s harder for scientology to leave you.

    • That was my exact reaction. What a bunch of Bullies. It sort of makes you wonder what so many of us have been supporting.

      One traditional value that they seem to have overlooked is grace and forgiveness. Aaron has his flaws, but so do we all.

      • They still have Danny serial rapist as a member in good standing. They blame victims for being raped, or having things stolen from them, and if the victim is a child, they go to PAST LIVES to find blame. The Church of Scientology DOESN’T CARE ABOUT MORALS. How on earth did you have the exact reaction when that reaction is nonsense? Christians and Muslims stoned people to death for lapses in morals. The Amish cast people out and act as if they are dead for moral failure, and so do Orthodox Jews. In Scientology lets members buy redemption and protection. To say Claire and Mike are being like Scientologists here is nuts.

    • I’m sorry, but what the hell are you talking about? Scientology judges people’s ethics and morals? No, they don’t! They still have Danny serial rapist as a member in good standing. Scientology could give two God Damns about morals! They blame children for being raped by grown men if the men donated or are in any way important to the organization. CHRISTIANS come down on people so bad Christ came up with a story about it, let he who is without sin cast the first stone, and don’t look at the splinter in someone else’s eye and not see the plank in yours may strike a cord. Jews can be super judgey, but I don’t have their finger wagging lessons at the tip of my tongue. Point is, you are clueless.

    • People will only b satisfied by knowing exactly what Aaron did. The AftermathFoubdation decided to save Aaron the humiliation by not dishing dirt. I want to know too, but the AF is doing the right thing by not talking about it. I trust them. They have known him for years. The rest of us are just viewers.

    • The Board gave specifics to reduce the confusion about Aaron and Luis’ leaving. You are just spreading generalities and rancor. Instead of rabble-rousing, if you still question what occurred, why not just ask?

      • Terry Brawley –

        I believe Tim Brownhill’s criticism of the Aftermath’s board statement is justified. He wasn’t spreading generalities and rancor, nor was he “rabble-rousing”.

        And right-o, you have a question for Int Base Sea Org executives, you just ask them.

        See what you get.



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