Toddie1Skip Wants to Know What Makes People Value Scientology

She has a curious and insightful mind, and appears to be trying to understand Scientology with the data that is available to her through anti-Scientology activists.

If that is all she has, she will never be able to get her answer.

Here’s her video:

Here’s my response to her:

I’m going to make a point that is not popular among Ex-Scientologists: Neither Scientologists, nor Anti-Scientologists, are capable of telling the truth about Scientology. If the truth of anything is both the good and bad of it, then Scientologists want you to believe it is all good, and Anti-Scientologists want you to believe it is all bad. Neither is true because both are incapable of acknowledging the facts on the other side.

You asked what would attract intelligent people to be drawn to Scientology, join it, maintain their relationships for decades, and some never leave. (Those who don’t eventually leave Scn are the vast minority) For you to get that answer requires a lot of work: the hardest thing for a human to understand is someone else’s cult. It would require you to use the discipline which comes from understanding the social science concept ethnocentrism.

Most people simply do not have the time or the inclination for this. So they swallow the weaponized over-simplicities of Anti-Scientology activists who are trying to create a moral panic around Scientology. If you really want to get the answer to your question, it will take you digging past all that.

But like I said, almost no one has the time or inclination for this.

As for me personally, all I’m interested in any more is to get the specific criminal acts by the specific criminals at the top of Scientology prosecuted – whether they are “in” Scientology or are now “out”. Their victims have still seen no justice. Other wise, I am no longer at war with Scientology, or with low level Scientologists who never harmed anyone and never would.

There are good things in Scientology that intelligent, sane and rational people find valuable. If you really want to know what those things are, keep digging deeper than anticultism.

– Alanzo

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