Has Zero Dark Tony Paid Dana Back That $10,000 Yet?

The picture above is from happier times for Dana and Zero Dark Tony. After he’d begged his YouTube followers for weeks to “get Dana on a plane”, the happy couple were united at last.

Trouble was just around the corner though, as Dana reports from one of her texts with Zero Dark Tony which she made public:

zero dark tony made dana cry the 2nd day she was there

So per Dana above, the Vituperative Stooge, Da Gumbah de Garbagio, asked Dana for $10,000 the morning after she got there. Realizing just how much of a POS Tony really was, she started crying. I imagine she felt pretty trapped.

But then Dana, apparently, went ahead and loaned her lover the money.

Love! Love! Love!

As time went on for these two lovebirds, their interactions continued in a southerly direction. Tony revealed that he is just as abusive and cruel and threatening to women in his personal life as he is on his YouTube Channel.

tnys vms to dana2 tony continues to threaten dana tony goes after dana tony said dana would be killed tony threatens dana because he feels threatened tonys dms to dana 5 tonys dms to dana4 tonys vms to dana 3 tonys voice message to dana unnamed2 unnamed3 zdt to dana


But the capper came just a couple days ago, when Dana, once again, made one of Zero Dark Tony’s texts public:

how much do i charge you

Looks like our question was answered: Zero Dark Tony is 5 months behind on his loan to Dana.

But now Tony wants to charge her for the “damage” she has done to his “reputation”.


Zero Dark Tony’s “reputation” was already in the sewer for being a lying, misogynistic, cruel and profane piece of shit. Dana just confirmed it.

Please boycott Zero Dark Tony’s YouTube channel until he pays Dana back.

He will still be a POS, and his reputation will still be in the sewer, but at least he will have paid Dana back.

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1 thought on “Has Zero Dark Tony Paid Dana Back That $10,000 Yet?”

  1. My two cents on this. Yes, what he is doing to her is wrong and she absolutely has a right to speak out about ZeroDarkTony’s abusive behavior. She has posted numerous times that she wants him to leave her alone and he refuses. Calls, emails, texts, socials, etc. Why not get a restraining order at this point? She certainly has all the proof in the world for a judge to grant one? Then he HAS to leave her alone or his ass goes to jail. And, she can take his ass to court for the money. I do not understand why she doesn’t do either one of those things.


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