Sunny Pereira, Like Mike Rinder, Is Exposing Nothing She Actually Did In Scientology

sunny periera scientologySunny Pereira, like a good Tribal member, instead of struggling to tell the truth about Scientology and all of her experiences in it, she’s working hard to give her anti-scientology tribe what it wants.

The problem with this is that – in the end – Sunny Pereira Scientology never tells the truth.

Some anonymous person asked me a question in response to this tweet I sent out earlier today:

sunny periera tony ortega

Here’s a question I received in response to my tweet:

to sunny periera scientology 2

Here’s my answer to them:

to sunny periera 3

Did I answer correctly? How do you think I should have answered it?

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Hi Alanzo.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think that your contention is that Sunny helped hide these things (sexual abuse) because she knew about them when she was in the church and didn’t do the right thing about it then.

What should she have done about it then, in your view, and is she not doing whatever that is now?