Girl Fight! Leah’s Tribal Ninnies Go After Stacy Francis. Are They Exposing Scientology’s Crimes?

Scientology Girl Fight! Leah Remini vs Stacy Francis!

scientology girl fight

Girlfriend Jeffrey Augustine breaks it down.

For Chris Shelton, the “Critical Thinker At Large”, this sure seems like one hell of an Ad Hominem Logical Fallacy to me. But who needs logic when you can into a GIRL FIGHT???

Right Aaron and Marc??

scientology girl fight!

Get on it, girlfriends!!

Are they exposing the crimes of Scientology? Hell no! They stopped trying to do that years ago! Now they’re just little tribal ninnies of Leah Remini’s, and they’ll do anything she tells them to.

Was this always where celebrity anti-Scientology was headed?

Scientology Girl Fight!!!

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