Scientology and the Aftermath: With a “Friend” Like Tony Ortega, Who Needs Enemies?

Aaron Smith Levin visited Tony Ortega’s blog this morning in an effort to enlighten us on what’s going on behind the scenes of Season Three of “Scientology and the Aftermath”.

It looks like Ortega’s blog post this morning, “SHOCKING MOLESTATION CLAIMS LEAKING OUT BEFORE AFTERMATH EPISODE”” gives details of a young Ex-Scientologist’s life that – well, I’ll let Aaron tell you:

tony ortega aaron smith levin

aaron smith levin tony ortega

tony ortega aaron smith levin scientology and the aftermath

Way too much of my career as an Ex-Scientologist was spent protesting the cruelty & horrible treatment that Ex-Scientologists receive from the people who say they exist to help them after Scientology.

The same abuse can happen to an Ex-Scientologist at the hands of Tony Ortega, and other Anti-Scientologists, that can happen to them by Scientology. Sometimes the abuse they receive from Anti-Scientologists can be worse than anything Scientology ever did to them.

The ideology of the anti-Cult Movement contains damaging narratives for people leaving Scientology, and other minority religions.

The newly emerged culture of Celebrity Anti-Scientology, seen in “Scientology and the Aftermath”, is also very bad for people struggling with the upheaval of losing their religion, and any unprocessed trauma associated with it.

Know this: Tony Ortega knowingly ran a newspaper as Editor that was a front for sex trafficking, including child sex trafficking, for 7 years.

Tony Ortega is the LAST person that vulnerable Exes need to get involved with after Scientology.

Truly. Aaron Smith Levin is exactly right: stay away from this guy!

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