This is a thrilling debate I watched on PBS tonight.

It features one of my favorite authors, Michael Shermer, with whom I disagree on this particular question, arguing FOR the proposition: SCIENCE REFUTES GOD.

He is joined by Laurence Krause, theoretical physics and cosmology professor at Arizona State University.

Arguing against the proposition are two other very smart people, Ian Hutchinson, physics professor at MIT, and author Dinesh D’Souza.

I won’t spoil the result for my audience here. I’ll let you watch it and see who won the debate.

(By the way, I have spotted 2 critical mistakes the losing side made in this debate. Can you spot them?)

So I don’t spoil the ending for people who want to watch this contest of ideas, we will discuss the winning and losing arguments below in the comments section. If you do not want the ending spoiled for you, don’t look in the comments section!

(and don’t think of an elephant)