Part Three: Never Go Full Anti

This scene, from the hilarious and insightful movie on actors and acting – Tropic Thunder – shows 2 actors (Ben Stiller and Robert Downey, Jr) dialoguing about the dangers of playing a mentally retarded character, and the serious damage (LOL) it can do to you if you get too immersed in it.

The message of the scene is


Never Go Full Retard


I wrote a post once about the stupidity of Scientologists who were incapable of understanding any concept that did not exist inside Scientology.

Because Scientologists have adopted the ideology of scientology to do all their thinking for them, if an idea is presented to them that is from outside of scientology, all they can do with the foreign idea is try to relate it to something inside Scientology.

So they can “understand” it.

This made Scientologists misunderstand the foreign idea 100% of the time.

I tried to show how a Scientologist’s thinking was stuck inside a little Scientology beanie, and they were not capable of thinking outside of that beanie.

I am observing the same kind of blinkered stupidity from Anti-Scientologists on the Internet in their attempts to speculate about what’s really going on with Marty Rathbun.

They can’t read what Mark Rathbun is writing without placing their Anti-Scientologist beanie over it. Marty is talking about things that do not exist inside the Anti-Scientologist ideology, and internet people who are stuck inside the Anti-Scientologist beanie can’t think with it.

For instance, when Mark Rathbun writes that he disagrees that a father should publicly, globally, humiliate his own son with too much hearsay, as Rathbun argues Ron Miscavige Sr did in his book “Ruthless“, the creative geniuses stuck on ESMB started a new thread about it, screeching, “Rathbun Attempts to Defend David Miscavige”.

One after another speculate about Marty being paid off by DM and how Marty is working for OSA now. Then they drag out all the things Marty did as head henchman in RTC, conveniently forgetting all the things he’s done since he’s left the church. Their little spinning beanies are pulled so far down over their eyes that they can not see how the whole landscape has changed after what Marty himself has accomplished – as well as Tony Ortega, Lawrence Wright, Alex Gibney and MANY others – to expose, cripple, and kill the Church of Scientology.

The war is over.
Scientology is dead.
And it is never coming back.
It’s time to take your beanies off now and think in new ways.

But see – you can’t. You’ve gone full retard. You can’t see the landscape any more because you are stuck inside your Scientologist vs anti-Scientologist thinking. And you just keep spinning and spinning your little beanies in the same old ways.

Just as you can’t understand something outside of Scientology by using Scientology to understand it, you also can’t understand what Mark Rathbun is doing by using Anti-Scientology to understand it.

Unstick yourselves. Stop spinning your little Anti-Scientology propellers.

Put your beanies down.

The era of the Fierce Internet Anti-Scientology Warrior is over. Cool out.

Heal yourselves from your war wounds.

You won.

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