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  1. No worries Eileen, laughing.

    Richard, when I went on staff I ate some pretty low cost meals to survive, it was like I was at college again, man, we had a small budget for food, me and a few buddies figured out how to eat like Kings for little money, both at college and then again on staff at a org. Those Sea Org people had it made as far as I was concerned, they didn’t have to pay for the rice & beans.

    Alanzo, I got that QSH stat up to about 100 points at my peak. It was 2 1/2 year contract = 2.5 points and 5 year contract = 5 points, IIRC. I used the “deadly quartet” and not the ruin drill and I never promised a paycheck. I had a stat machine going, we ran ads in the newspaper “we are hiring” (this being in the early 1990’s), I did my “deadly quartet” to generate interest, they signed a contract, after their first paycheck, they blew, LOL. This went on week after week after week for about a year. One day I realized all the effort I did was for not, it was just a stat push and my whole purpose was to produce a stat so we could win the birthday game. What a scam, and then I blew only to recover myself since I thought I would be declared SP and my head was still filled with the glorious states of awareness & existence given to me by Hubbard’s sublime writings of “clear” and then “OT”. LOL

  2. in the first video, Tom Cruse says “I think it is a privilege to call yourself a scientologist and it is something you have to earn”.

    Wow, what does that mean? Something to you have to earn, LOL, like a secret club, LOL Only we know the secrets if you attain the level of awareness known as the Bridge to Total Freedom, OT levels. LOL Oh, the rhetoric!

    I wonder what does that mean to the indie scientologists, such as miraldi and a few others and even the OSA people that post here.

    Are you folks privileged and have you earned yourself the right to call yourselves a scientologist?

    Everything is available on the internet for free about the the so called secrets. I’m glad I stopped perusing the Bridge to Total Freedom, it saved me a lot of money, and in the Indie Freezone case, time.

    I’m open to hear the argument on why I should go Indie scientologist or freezone. Or get back into scientology?

    • I’ve spoken to my overlords at HCO worldwide, and they have determined that you are no longer qualified to be a scientologist.

      You don’t cut the mustard any more.

      So I’m sorry but it looks like that ship has sailed. Maybe next lifetime, buddy.

      But we are always looking for new recruits. And so if you can help me get my QSH Stat up for the week I might be able to put in a good word for you.

      What size sea Org uniform would you fit into?

      Also, which do you like better – rice?

      Or beans?

      And one more thing: if we do this-and I’m not promising anything-you’ll need to bring your own toilet paper.


      • I wonder if the rice and beans thing is a thing of the past like the RPF. In a few of the recent videos I’ve seen, the sea org people walking around look well dressed and well groomed. I’m not recommending a billion year employment contract but even the worker bees need nourishment.

        • The thing is that we really don’t know what life is like in the Sea Org, and we haven’t really known for many years.

          The story about the RPF being disbanded 4 or 5 years ago proves that.

    • I actually DID feel like I was a member of a secret club. Who else but initiates were pursuing the great mysteries which lie ahead and operating e-meters?

      • Hubbard said those that found scientology were the elites of the elite. And what do I think of auditors? If you remember that one?

        When I went to college I joined a fraternity called Theta Xi, our secret bond was YITB or Yours in the Bond, which is the secret, LOL

        Can you imagine, me as a young’in discovering scientology and Hubbard, and the word Theta. OMG, I thought there was a mystical connection, ie theta, thetan and my fraternity.

        All college fraternity’s use greek letters.

        If one googles theta and the symbol.


        Why I thought at the time, when I first discovered scientology and theta, why I landed on the truth.

        Little did I know at the time Hubbard lied about his credentials and results, although he tried.

    • Gib: “I wonder what does that mean to the indie scientologists, such as miraldi and a few others and even the OSA people that post here. Are you folks privileged and have you earned yourself the right to call yourselves a scientologist?”

      First, I don’t call myself an indie scientologist, because I don’t actively practice scientology to any extent and I’m interested in other paths now. But what I think Tom Cruise means by “privileged” is that he believes it’s a privilege (and I basically agree) to have the knowledge and tech of scientology and be able to apply it. The example he gave was of being able to help at a car accident in ways that others aren’t privileged to know – such as by putting in order where there is chaos, or by giving assists.

      Just consider what it says on the first page of the Assists Handbook:
      An assist is anything that is done to help alleviate a present time discomfort. It is an action undertaken to assist the spirit to confront physical difficulties. Assists form a vital part of Scientology and Dianetics technology.

      Assists are applicable at all levels of the Grade Chart and are often a person’s first introduction to Dianetics and Scientology. Many opportunities exist to use them in day-to-day living. Virtually every Scientologist tells his own stories of the miraculous wins and recoveries he has experienced himself, heard about or given another through the application of these processes.

      While assists are not intended to replace medical treatment, they do much to alleviate physical pain and discomfort.

      This handbook contains basic assists, such as the Touch Assist, that can be used in many different situations. There are also a large number of assist processes intended for specific difficulties or conditions—from helping a child get over his bumps and bruises, to handling co-workers in the work-place; from assisting someone recover from a cold, to bringing someone out of a coma!

      The results of assist technology, when applied, are nothing short of amazing. An illustration of this was a girl with an obsessive nosebleed. The child was hemorrhaging and, in the hospital, the condition was worsened by having her nose packed with gauze to stop the bleeding. An auditor ran “Hold your face and keep it from going away,” “Hold the pillow and keep it from going away,” “Hold your face and keep it from going away,” “Hold the pillow and keep it from going away.” The bleeding stopped and coagulated. The assist actually saved the girl’s life.

      In another case, a woman who had delivered a child some fifteen days before was still lying in a hospital bed. Nobody would discharge her because she was too weak and couldn’t stand. An auditor ran an assist process with the command: “Spot some Spots where you are not delivering a child.” This remedied the case in six minutes—she got up that afternoon and went home. The staff at the hospital couldn’t believe this simple action could have had such an effect.

      A man whose wife had recently died went into apathy; all interest in life had faded away. Using Dianetic Assist technology he was audited on the incident of the loss. After the assist was completed he looked about fifteen years younger, felt great physically and was taking an interest in life again!

      Results like these are right in your hands.

      • ok marildi, thanks for telling me your current status, I didn’t know.

        I used to think that way, I thought it was a privilege, but I don’t anymore, it reads to me like Richard said. Also, one has to pay to have this privilege, LOL

        That assist’s write-up by Hubbard is a great example of his rhetoric and he repeats the pattern though out his lectures, books, policy letters, HCOB’s etc.

        Here Hubbard speaks with authority (ethos) and gives 3 examples of people having received assists (logos) and he throws in emotions as well (pathos). And hyperbole.

        One problem with Hubbard’s logos is that we don’t know who these people are, just like in Dianetics he claimed to clear 270 people, all with no names, no proof.

        From my own experience (ethos), I received a lot of touch assists & nerve assists, they didn’t do squat, I would have been better off taking a Tylenol.

        Now there is nothing wrong with using rhetoric, we all do it inherently whether we realize it or not, and I wouldn’t have a problem with Hubbard using it except the results of dianetics and scientology do not produce a clear or OT. And if they did, I would be all for Hubbard’s use of rhetoric.

        I think if Hubbard’s Dean Wilbur were alive today, he’d give Hubbard a F for fraud and a grade below F being H for helluvahoax.

        And here’s the thing, I actually believe Hubbard believed his own stick. LOL

        • Gib: “And here’s the thing, I actually believe Hubbard believed his own stick.”

          I believe he did too. And I have to say, even though assists didn’t work on you they did work on many of us.

          But the good news, as fate would have it, is that I came across a video tonight that made me think of you. You might have heard of Dexter (“Dex”) Gelfand. He’s a well known indie auditor whose Facebook page I happened to check out tonight because of something I had read earlier that lead me to another Facebook account and from there to his.

          Dex had just posted a comment about his new youtube video. I watched it and found out it has a lot to do with this subject of the workability of Scientology. In basic terms, he explains why it doesn’t work sometimes, but mainly about the improvements he has made to it after his years of experience as an org auditor and then an indie auditor for some years too. I was really impressed and inspired. See what you think: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ISc7x2MlU2s&t=

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