Scientology and the Aftermath – Mike Rinder’s Big Pay Day

Mike Rinder's Big Pay DayThe Hollywood Reporter says that “Scientology and the Aftermath” will be picked up for a second season.

In my long and weird career, I’ve been involved in the development of two reality TV series. In each case, the actors were told that Season 1 was all their risk. The network would provide a director, a camera man, and a sound guy, and would help with some of the writing, but it was all up to the actors to make the season a success.

The per-episode rate in Season one, when compared to the hours worked, is in the Sea Org range of pay. But if the actors pull it off, and the show is a hit and the network decides to renew for a second season, that’s when the real money starts rolling in.

And so, after 25 years of running the Office of Special Affairs destroying the critics of Scientology, and for 10 years of hiding what he did there and who he specifically destroyed, Mike Rinder is about to become a solid citizen of the Upper Middle Class.

He will be known as one of the greatest critics of Scientology.

The irony.

It burns.

This season would be a great opportunity for Mike Rinder to address his past and to finally come clean to those he has harmed as the head of the Office of Special Affairs. I’m sure it could be made into must-see TV.

I’d like to know if anyone has any question that they would like Mike Rinder to answer for them in Season 2 of Leah Remini’s Scientology and The Aftermath, or even before the season begins from his blog.

Specifically, I’m looking for those subjects that you know that Mike Rinder has ignored or covered up because the information was embarrassing to him, or because mentioning it was not conducive to his own successful career path to Scientology’s most prominent critic.

Here’s a list to get us started:

Gerry Armstrong
Dennis Ehrlich
Arnie Lerma
Vaughn Young
Stacy Brooks
Jesse Prince
Robert Minton
Keith Henson
Lisa McPherson
Mike and Virginia McClaughry
Any hidden lawsuits against critics and their businesses in order to destroy their incomes
Critics Families he has destroyed, or attempted to destroy
Any Specific Apologies he’d like to make to any of the critics lives he had destroyed by the Office of Special Affairs, or that he attempted to destroy

Please add any people or subjects which I have missed. This list was only to get us started – I certainly do not want ANYONE left out.

Mike – These people need a “truth and reconciliation episode” to heal from this horrific fight that they fought knowing that you would use the full force and power of your position to try to destroy them for exposing the abuses of Scientology. These were people for whom there was no upside for themselves personally. They literally faced destruction for the good of others so that no one else could be harmed by the Church of Scientology ever again.

This will be a running theme on this blog until these questions get addressed.

The time has now come, Mike.

Let’s hear it.

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Good People
Good People

I no longer fraternize with Mike’s blog. I always felt his articles were a little flimsy. But there were definitely times when I enjoyed, and took part in his comment section. Not a big fan of Aftermath. I feel Leah and Mike are feeding there wallets and egos at the expense of exes and still-ins. I don’t mean to sound so harsh. I watched several of the episodes with my ‘never in’ girlfriend and my opinion is the show enforces what most people already believe about Scientology, that it’s an evil cult that is full of suckers. On top of that I don’t think it will do anything to get people out of Scientology. If I’m wrong about the latter I’ll take back what I’ve said. I also noticed Leah and Mike get passes on the “sucker” label because they came into Scientology via family. Most Scientologists I knew were able, intelligent people who wanted to help. And most Scientologists I knew got tangible results from Scientology. I’m not condoning Scientology, I know it’s a high control cult that makes many false claims. But ex Scientologists and still ins deserve to have the whole picture shown, Instead of being thrown en masse under the proverbial bus.


Interesting. I don’t see Aftermath that way. For us hardcore Exs, Aftermath maybe a bit lukewarm. We know there is much more that could be said. But, considering this is a TV show meant for the masses, and the fact that the Scn experience is incredibly complex, I’m amazed there’s even a TV show.

I watched Aftermath, not to learn about the horrors of being a member of CoS, but because its history in the making. I think Leah’s heart is in the right place. And I don’t think anyone is getting rich off of this. Personally, even if they were, I really don’t care; as long as the material they present is truthful and honest.

They have pointed out that some benefit can be found. But, that is the subject of another TV show. This one is about the abuse meted out by the church.

John Doe
John Doe

Well, everyone has their path into and ultimately, if you’re lucky and somewhat intact, out of Scientology.

I tend to think along the lines of Statpush, that Mike and Marty, despite their history of engaging in unsavory acts while in the employ of Scientology, have done an pretty good job making up the damage.

It is true that I speak for myself, from my own experience, and I have not suffered a withering attack from Scientology as have those you’ve listed above.

There are certain milestones that seem common to many on their way out of Scientology. Perhaps Mike Rinder may feel the need to make amends to some individuals he may have harmed. But that would be up to him, or a court if laws were broken.

One last comment: the idea of Scientology being one thing and the church being another is an important first idea that is latched on to by many who are just beginning to wake up.

I would go so far as to say it is a necessary milestone. Some never get much further down that road (“it’s all miscavige’s fault, end of discussion”) but most keep going.

It is a palatable truth, a first crack in the mental armor. While not a wholly accurate truth, it is more accurate than “The tech, LRH, the church are all just great for all dynamics!!!”

Issac Asimov wrote an essay years ago that focuses on this type of thing. I recommend this essay highly and the book of the same title. It’s called “The Relativity of Wrong.”