Marty Rathbun’s 1st Video Talking About Scientology and the Aftermath

Here, Marty is describing a scene that appears to be an impromptu discussion in a car between Mike Rinder and Leah Remini in the final episode of Season 1 of Scientology and the Aftermath. But Marty is claiming here that it was actually a discussion in a car between Marty and Mike, in reality, 8 years before.

Is this true? Can anyone verify Marty’s claim here that he and Mike Rinder took all the people from Season 1 to the FBI 8 years before? And does this mean that Mike later took it to Leah as an idea for a scene in a reality TV show?

Now that we are 5 episodes into Season 2, what happened to that FBI investigation they met with the attorneys over at the end of Season 1? They’ve not mentioned anything about it in Season 2.

Why not?

Let’s have all opinions on this. Marty’s videos were basically censored on all the anti-scientology mafia network (ASMN) blogs and message boards. Marty was considered persona non-grata so discussing his video, and his ideas, have been decreed to be way off limits.

So let’s discuss it here.

Video 1 – Marty Rathbun on Leah Remini’s Scientology and the Aftermath.


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At around 3:00 in the video Mary says that he met with Dept of Justice lawyers who told him there’s no case here with regard to those same people who were in the Season 1 episodes. Is this information that would be in the files of the DOJ and thus in FOIA files?

Joe Pendleton
Joe Pendleton

Puerto Rico is not a colony, it is indeed part of the USA and Puerto Ricans are American citizens.

Speaking of the mafia … I think someone made Marty an offer he couldn’t refuse.


“Puerto Rico is not a colony, it is indeed part of the USA and Puerto Ricans are American citizens.”

What’s your point with this, Joe, and what relevance does it has with the topic being discussed? I am just curious, you know, being a Puerto Rican myself.

Joe Pendleton
Joe Pendleton

The most important thing to consider about Marty’s schtick is tha, like some others , he COMPLETELY misses the whole point of Aftermath. NONE of the points he brings up actually matters in the aspect of LIVING LIFE. Aftermath has ONE ESSENTIAL purpose (there may be lesser connected goals, such as possible reforms or government action) … And that essential purpose is to inform and warn the general public of what is in store for people who become involved in the “church” of scientology. Then they can make an informed decision of whether to join or not. I don’t personally care whether the CoS lasts or not, but I do think people have a right to know that they are deciding to join a totalitarian organization.

While Marty endlessly picks apart the picayune, the REAL issue is what happened to Brian Sheen and the absolute freaking INSANITY therein.


I am all for being devils advocate. It’s always healthy to question all points of view but lately here on this blog, I feel that there is a similar rabid obsession/persecution of the ASC as it has been called by some as you are complaining about The Aftermath and Ortega doing to Scientology . I am still awaiting your revelation regarding a conversation you had with Marty from one of your first posts. I like to read a variety of blogs regarding Scientology. I have no horse in this race but am finding the narrative here as singular as those that you protest about. Alanzo…how about having good unbiased dialogue about both sides and the holes in their narrative.