Marty Really Needs to Answer How That Email Ended up in Dani Lemberger’s Trial

For the second time in many months, I personally, and politely, asked Marty Rathbun how that email ended up in the hands of Scientology attorneys, and in court against Dani Lemberger. I told him that if I only knew the answer to this, that I could assist him in getting his answer out to others, and to help him get it understood.

Marty refused to answer that question, again.

I agree here with Tony Ortega and Dani Lemberger that, until that question gets answered satisfactorily, no one should trust or listen to Marty Rathbun.


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Dan Locke

By “refused to answer”, do you mean that he did not respond to your request or that there was a conversation and he actually considered and rejected the idea of replying to you about this.

Miss Tia

I have to admit I don’t know anything about Dani Lemberger’s Trial or an email, or even who Mr/s Lemberger is. I will ask Mr. Google about that after I fix some lunch. Did this just suddenly happen? It seems a jolting change from the post of his video the other day.

Miss Tia

Okay, I’ve heard of the Dror Center, I didn’t recognize the name Lemberger. Been out of the Sci-watching loop awhile. Couldn’t find much on an email though. This is just befuddling why you or Ortega need this answered. It’d be understandable for Lemberger to question that if it impacted his lawsuit.

I don’t think Marty needs help getting his answer out or getting him understood. He can speak very well for himself.

I’m disagreeing with you, and will continue to listen/watch Marty’s videos as they come out. I also have no reason not to trust him. I don’t think anyone should go around telling people who they should/should not trust/listen to. Maybe you should explain how/why you did a 180 on Marty in the past couple days? How/why you’re agreeing with Ortega after going on attack mode towards him the other day? Would you claim that’s personal and you don’t have to share your thought process? That’d be a valid acceptable answer, yet you want Marty to go above and beyond what you’d expect of others and/or yourself.

Don’t bother to answer, if you unscreen this. I sincerely wish you the best. I’m out.


Well said! Now eat that we’ll deserved lunch, Miss Tia!


I’ve been trying to come up with a logical opinion on the “Marty Topic” but I just can’t do it. All I can say is that for better or worse he keeps things interesting in ScioWorld. I do think his references to groupthink by whatever word or terminology has caused some people to become more aware of themselves, their thinking, which cross references more areas of life than just scn. You too, Alanzo. 🙂


Spot on Richard!


I have a theory. Dani Lemberger together with his wife, Tami Lemberger are agents of the Church, and they work together with Marty. And all of this lawsuit crap is a big lie just so Dani can earn a badge that he sued the Church. Where are the results of the suit then???

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