This happened this morning:

RandomSP • 2 hours ago
O/T but speaking of the right to be forgotten…

Or, more correctly, “the right to forget”…

I am taking my leave of the Bunker and of all things Scientology. I am exercising my right to forget Scientology as regards reading about it, following the doings, etc. Scientology has been a part of my life for 40 years. I was fairly active for about 25, inactive for 5, then majorly out for the last 10 years. Declared SP for posting on the internet about 5 years ago.

One reason I stayed connected was for the sake of my son, whom I co-parented with his mother who is still very much in. He split his time between my home and his mother’s home in another state. Well, that is over now. He is living with me full-time and is well inoculated against following other family members into the Sea Org and pretty well inoculated against Scientology in general. He can probably thank his mother and her husband for his aversion to Scientology more than he can thank me. Which leads to another point…

I hold what may be a somewhat unpopular view among many here. I, personally, found much of value in Scientology. For me, it is a good philosophical match. Not talking about Xenu or BTs, of which I, perhaps thankfully, have no personal experience. Talking about Body, Mind, Spirit; the technical approach such as ARCU, things like that. I have no interest in studying more Scientology or going up any “Bridge to Total Freedom” but a certain Scientological viewpoint is part of my permanent inner landscape and I am fine with that. I tell my son that I would have no problem being a member of Scientology if it were not run as a destructive cult but it is and that is not changing

But enough of that. I just wanted to take my leave and say “so long” to Tony and the folks here. I have enjoyed reading and occasionally posting here and truly appreciate the work that Tony does. As I mentioned some time ago, I will send Tony my somewhat extensive collection of critical books and he can use or give them away as he pleases.

Adios, amigos!

What was Tony Ortega’s reply?

He’s so understanding of what it is like to be an Ex-Scientologist, don’t you think?

The need to get away, as expressed by RandomSP and so many other Exes, comes from the realization of how hysterically negative the Internet is for an Ex-Scientologist.

I am coming to realize that it is the influence of the Anti-Cult Movement that is causing this
worst possible trap to get stuck in after leaving a religious or spiritual pursuit like Scientology.

Very unfortunately, the Anti-Cult Movement‘s hysterically negative, non-scientific, and victimizing viewpoints dominate the landscape for Ex-scientologists right now.

The work of social scientists can provide a much more grounded and constructive path forward for an Ex after Scientology.

I’m going to continue to try to provide their ideas here on this blog for Exes.