Marty Rathbun’s Discussion of Paul Haggis Going Clear – In Context

In Paul Haggis’ guest posting to Tony Ortega’s blog this weekend, Paul Haggis writes:

“I barely skimmed Scientology’s latest ad hominem attack on me this week. The church, quite paradoxically, largely relied upon their “arch-enemy,” Marty Rathbun, to supposedly discredit me. No one will be shocked to learn it is full of lies and blatant misrepresentations. Mike Rinder already dissected their non-responsive response and Marty’s flip-flopping assertions. But one thing stuck out to me which you may find interesting, so I will give you a little background.

Marty now (emphasis mine) claims that he masterminded my resignation from beginning to end, suggesting that my outrage over the Church’s support of Prop 8 was a smokescreen. He ignores the fact that my months-long battle with Tommy Davis and the church began in October 2008, more than six months before Marty and I had any contact.”

The video above – a tweet that is presently pinned to the top of Freedom Media and Ethics Twitter profile – features an edited snippet, taken out of context, where Marty Rathbun is discussing what went on behind the scenes with Paul Haggis, Lawrence Wright, Alex Gibney and others in producing Going Clear, the book and the movie.

The video clip that the Church uses above is not a new accusation from Marty Rathbun, as Paul Haggis states in his letter above – which Tony Ortega published with no fact-checking. It is taken from this video which Marty published on June 16, 2017. Here is the whole video, so you can see what Marty says in context as he discusses Paul Haggis’ role in Going Clear – the book and the movie.

The clips are taken from comments beginning at around 3:54 in the video.

Partisan warriors have a hard time with intellectual honesty. They take things out of context, they shoot from the hip, and they oversimplify complex, nuanced, and multifaceted truths in order to shape them into weapons they can use to vanquish their enemies.

It has been very disappointing to see so many people such as Marty Rathbun, Leah Remini, Mike Rinder and now Paul Haggis Going Clear, who I have so much respect for, engaging in this kind of tribal warfare designed to assassinate their critics’ characters – just like Scientology does.

Well what do you expect from people who learned from the best – L Ron Hubbard – how to do this kind of warfare?

The problem is, this internecine spear-chucking used to go on with a few hundred people on the Internet. Now it is going out to millions of people. A little criticism and differing viewpoints is absolutely essential in this kind of scenario – especially since the beginning of Season 2 of Leah Remini’s Scientology and the Aftermath where the rhetoric has gone distinctly tribal.

I think that ever since Leah Remini and Mike Rinder went to the attorneys at the end of Season 1 of Scientology and the Aftermath – and found conclusively that there was nothing that the government would do about Scientology because Scientology was not doing anything against the law – this group of now militarized critics all decided to go tribal on Scientology’s ass. I think they decided to simply try to make Scientology the most hated name on the planet. And they will even go so far as to lie about Scientology and Scientologists to get that done.

Believe me, I understand this urge. When you are trashed online like all these people have been trashed by Scientology – you want revenge. And you’ll say what needs to be said in order to get your product.

The reason to be a critic of Scientology is to tell the truth about it – both the good and the bad.

Not this.

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“The video clip that the Church uses here is not a new accusation from Marty Rathbun, as Paul Haggis states in his letter above – which Tony Ortega published with no fact-checking. It is taken from this video which Marty published on June 16, 2017.”

I don’t really see what’s the big problem with Haggis’ post. I could see the word “now” being reasonably interperted to mean as “in relatively recnet time (i.e three months ago)”, it does not have to mean “within the last coupe of days”. There may be some legit criticism on Haggis’ post (in fact I think that he’s a bit premature in concluding that his emails must a have been passed to the CoS by Marty) but your post deals with a non-issue.

Doloras LaPicho

Marty has a new post up where he provides the email IN FULL sent from Haggis, in August, suggesting various subterfuges, just as Marty had previously claimed in his videos.


The quality and integrity of the information disseminated by TO, Leah, Mike, Marty, Chris and The Church, sucks.

Each have done either part to thoroughly pollute the information pool. So, why do we spend time debating about their data, when we know the source is prone to mislead, distort, and in many cases, LIE?

Each one values tribal instincts over the Truth.

The “Truth” they disseminate is designed to inflict harm on the enemy. It’s not the Truth I’m looking for.

The whole Scn/Anti-Scn landscape is like a puzzle: you can have it all laid out; which players are in which camp; what did or didn’t happen, and so on – but, there are pieces missing, or pieces we thought fit, but were forced to fit.

Marty’s “turn” was like dropping the puzzle on the floor.

It is interesting to note that Marty’s videos are a one-way communication flow. He is not open to debate. He will not respond to obvious discrepancies in his own statements. So why is he doing this? My best guess…his actions are designed to fracture the Anti camp, to destablize it.

He is attempting to change the “question”.

The question used to be squarely focused on the church and the abuses, now it’s about personality against personality, and in-fighting and radicalization.

Marty created that.


surely Marty, Mike Rinder, Leah, Paul Haggis, Tony O, and anybody and their Uncle’s have seen the famous 2 hour interview by Mark Bunker of Jason Beghe

Show me a muther fuck’in Clear? Even Heinlein asked the question of John Campbell before the publication of Dianetics back in 1949/50!

Why can’t we stay focused, “stay on target” famous Star Wars quote?


back to vacation. LOL