15 thoughts on “After Ep. 7 of Season 1 Scientology & The Aftermath viewer stats went into the Toilet. But the last 3 episodes show a weak rise.”

    • Yes. I had been involved in Scientology for 3 or 4 months when this came out.

      When I saw it for the first time, I was so stoked that my new group fostered non-totalitarian, rebellious, stick it to the man, “thinking for yourself” just like this. I also owned a Macintosh freaking computer.

      At that time, and at the level of Scientology I was involved in, it did foster that kind of thinking, and those values – very definitely.

      1984, the real one, was an interesting year for totalitarianism in my life.

    • The visual is naturally meant to dominate, but the dialog is also interesting. Here’s some of it.

      “. . . The first glorious anniversary of the reincarnation of the information purification – A garden of pure ideology.

      We are one people, one resolve, one cause – We shall prevail!” Boom!

      Maybe gossip Lone Star did the voice-over. He’s good at creative fantasy.

  1. I wrote;
    “Leah and Paul want journalists and the media to start fair gaming celebrity Scientologists. No thank you.”
    Mike responded; “Are you crazy?” He wrote one paragraph of “corrections” and then “Come back to planet earth.”

    My other comment was;
    “Paul Haggis seems to think that all celebrities associated with Scientology are complicit in crimes. That’s his opinion and is radical in my opinion.”
    That received a couple of corrections.

    I’m leaving it at that. They’ll try to assimilate me into The Borg.

    • There’s a clip about journalists and reporters getting brushed off when asking scn celebs about scn. Remini says journalists who don’t persist in getting celebs to “answer up” are “pussys”. Haggis says scn celebs are “the face of Scientology”. So they are the worst of all scn-ists? They don’t look at it as fair gaming but it sure sounds like “Go after them” to me. The media can get pretty vicious. Some people might agree, some not,

      • The media can be vicious especially if all their sources are vicious and no one is telling them anything different from Tony Ortega and others like him.

        There is a dedicated group of people who see it as their duty to make Scientology and all Scientologists look as bad as possible at every opportunity- whether it is deserved or not.

        I don’t know who could live with themselves doing something like that day in and day out but I certainly can’t. No scn celeb I know has the power to put any one into the hole or make anyone disconnect or drive anyone into bankruptcy, not to mention do anything illegal for Scientology. I do not see how they could be anyone’s target who is thinking rationally about what to do about Scientology.

        As for Paul Haggis, I think the ancient Chinese proverb applies very strongly: when setting out on a mission of revenge, dig two graves.

        That was not a threat by the way. That was a person speaking from experience.

    • Prediction: You will remain the only person who posts negative comments about last night’s episode on Mike’s blog.

      I was thunderstruck to discover that Paul Haggis was the first person to speak out about Scientology abuses, and that he led the way for so many others to follow.

      • yes, so was I, but no matter, they are speaking truth about their experiences, and that I appreciate.

        Maybe one day somebody will read the heinlein/campbell letters other than me, and tie it all together, I bow my head in frustration of the true beginning of dianetics and how campbell and hubbard tried to get heinlein involved, the true first celebrity they tried to hook in.

        Oh well, such is life, it’s hard to explain.

        I will be ending off here Alanzo as this identity known as Gib and even on ESMB, for personal reasons, but I’ll be back. Time for a vacation, best of luck to you.


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