Marty brings up the promise of legal action by Mike and Leah at the end of Season 1 of Scientology & the Aftermath. Marty claims that he and Mike went to a top-tier legal firm just like Leah and Mike did in the last episode of the show.

Marty says that the legal firm told Mike and Marty that there was nothing to prosecute so many years earlier.

Was the final episode of Season 1 of Scientology & the Aftermath all just emotional manipulation? Did Leah and Mike know the whole time that they would be told by these attorneys that there would be nothing to prosecute – but they did it just to manipulate viewers of the show with a cliff-hanger ending to the Season?

Marty says he knew what was going to happen in Season 2 – they were going to “get the reject card”.

Yet we never heard anything about what the attorneys told them in Episode 1 of Season 2 of Scientology and the Aftermath.

Where did all that suspenseful, cliff hanger drama go?

Are we just being prestidigitated away from the truth of what happened in this meeting with the attorneys? Are we, with kitten brains, just pouncing at the red laser light they are pointing at us to pounce on – Looking wherever they want us to look and never looking at what is actually happening?

How come no one is asking Mike and Leah what happened at the attorney’s office? If Tony Ortega was really an unbiased journalist who was not trying to manipulate you – shouldn’t he have written at least one post asking this question?

If you are an Ex-Scientologist, and have gotten yourself out of the deception and the manipulative prestidigitation of the Church of Scientology (which Mike Rinder was heavily involved in while he ran OSA), why would you ever put up with this kind of manipulation from Leah and Mike and Tony Ortega after Scientology?