Mark Bunker is Up For Re-Election in Clearwater – When Will He Start Talking About Kyle Brennan?

Long Time Anti-Scientologist Mark Bunker is up for reelection to his Seat 2 on the Clearwater City Council on March 19, 2024. A lot of Anti-Scientology money was raised for Mark to “do something about Scientology” in Clearwater.

When Mark Bunker was first elected he was repeatedly calling for someone to “call the FBI” on Scientology. That is, until one of the city council meetings, the mayor asked Mark:

“All right Mark. You’re always talking about how we should call the FBI. What exactly should we call them about?”

When asked directly, I recall that Mark was silent.

To my knowledge, he hasn’t mentioned calling the FBI on Scientology ever again.

From now until the Clearwater City Council Elections, I’ll be writing about Mark Bunker’s movie “Knowledge Report” which he never released but raised a reported $130,000 through a series of Indie-Gogo and GoFundMe campaigns. And also all the money he raised through “fundraisers” that Karen de la Carriere organized for him to get him elected.

I’ll be reviewing Mark’s track record in office in “getting something done” about Scientology in Clearwater.

Why do I care about this?

Because it seems to me that Mark Bunker stopped talking about the death of Kyle Brennan as soon as all that money was raised for him, and Mike Rinder and Leah Remini had him on their TV Show. I might be wrong about this because my noisy investigation of Mark Bunker’s political career, and his track record of “doing something about Scientology”, is just beginning.

Because Mark Bunker used to be a hero of mine, from way back in my ARS days, I’d love to have my swinish suspicions about him invalidated.

Most all of the documentation of these money raising efforts, which almost all critics of Scientology used to know about, have been erased from the Internet.

I’ll be digging into that weird phenom, too.

So stay tuned.

Speaking of Kyle Brennan: Here is the most recent post on his death from his mother and her investigation of it on her website: A Trifecta of Injustice Please go there and show your support. Raise awareness about Kyle Brennan so it can’t be made to be forgotten, as Leah Remini, Mike Rinder and Tony Ortega have tried to make happen. Talk about it in SPtv chats – see if they ban you for doing so. Better yet: #AskMikeRinder about Kyle Brennan.

That is always entertaining.

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