Kelli Copter Calls Out Mike Rinder for His Continued Fair Game of Gerry Armstrong

I’m actually crying right now.

It’s hard for me to type.

To finally see the chains breaking on the information control that descended upon Anti-Scientology 14 years ago, brought in by all the “former” Int Base Execs. To finally see today’s Ex-Scientologists & content creators & critics stop, gather up their social courage, flash back against, and PUBLICLY ask Wait a minute! What about THIS??

God. I can’t tell you.

Just watch what Kelli has to say here from her LIVE on Saturday:

It has been more than exhausting, holding on, fighting the continued harassment and “anti-Scientology” fair game, being lied about, called OSA, having all my friends – those who should know better – completely duped and turned against me.

Exhausting isn’t even the fucking word….

Thank you Kelli Copter.

For more on my friend Gerry Armstrong, see the posts I’ve written on him, trying to keep his name alive, for more than a decade.

BOTTOM LINE FACT: Mike Rinder could provide the information to help Gerry Armstrong undo the vicious and fraudulent, blackmailed legal bind that he and Kendrick Moxon and David Miscavige put Gerry in decades ago. Instead, after ‘coming out’ of Scientology, Rinder has continued to discredit, trick, lie about, and destroy Gerry Armstrong.

The link above will take you to all Gerry Armstrong’s other Internet Resources, too. You can see the fight he has been fighting against all these former execs’ continued fair game against him.

Please do not forget – or allow anyone else to forget – Gerry Armstrong.


Keep fighting, Kelli. And Serge. And Lara. And Marylin. And Liz.

So grateful to you: All of you.

Keep up your courageous questioning.

Don’t let anyone – including your “friends” – make you self-censor or shudder you into silence.

Keep creating a culture of socially courageous, out-spoken, critical thinking: It is the only antidote to a “cult”.

As Serge says:


courage is contagious

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