On Corey Andrews new blog, and in his Facebook group called Scientology Exposé, he exposes the back-channel planning and execution for the huge amount of information control and fair game that goes on against Ex-Scientologists who speak out in ‘Anti-Scientology’.

Initiated by Karen De La Carriere and Jeffrey Augustine, and paid for by the sales of Karen’s Thomas Kinkaid “business”, De La Carriere and Augustine run a network of trolls, bloggers, V-loggers and “journalists” who avoid exposing any of David Miscavige’s criminal activity, and who seek to assassinate the characters of anyone who does.

Here, for the first time, Andrews has allowed us to see behind the curtain at exactly how this works, in all its paranoia and obsessive, propeller-headed control.

Corey Andrews Becomes Disgusted By What He Sees

Corey Andrews used to be one of Karen De La Carriere’s trolls. But after almost a year of working for her, and seeing how these people actually operate from behind the scenes, he became disgusted with them – just as Exes became disgusted with Scientology – and blew the whistle.

He is continuing to blow the whistle too, despite massive Twitter and Facebook campaigns to discredit him.

Karen’s troll network is presently seeing to it that Corey pays the price for his integrity, exactly as OSA made sure that Scientology critics paid the price for theirs. They use the exact same tactics as Mike Rinder’s and David Miscavige’s OSA has since the early 80’s.

Is there a connection?

Here are the screen shots of Karen covertly running Corey as one of her operatives. This is an operation Karen ran against a Scientology critic named Micheal Hobson in the Facebook Group SPsRUs, a group she controls along with her paid helper Pete Griffiths.

Have you been the target of one of these Anti-Scientology Information Control campaigns?

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  1. Alanzo

    Yes I do know that. I have 36 years inside and outside Scientology. I left in 1999 and began speaking out against them, and they got me fired from my job, tried to destroy my family and my business. I know ALL about it.

    And the people who did all that, and who made Scientology so corrupt and so disgusting are the same people who are now pretending to try to get its tax exemption revoked, such as Karen de La Carriere and Mike Rinder.

    You are being fooled. Just like Scientology took over the Cult Awareness Network and started answering the phones for them, pretending to be Scientology’s opposition, you’re seeing the same operation today from KDLC and Mike Rinder.

    The last thing Karen de la Carriere and Mike Rinder want are federal investigations leading to a review of their tax exemption.

  2. Anonymous

    You know that scientology is a cult that takes money off people. Its corrupt disgusting and will soon stop being tax exempt