Aaron Smith-Levin Talks to Geir Isene on Post-Ex Scientology

Aaron Smith Levin has another smart and non-tribal talk about being an Ex-Scientologist with Geir Isene, one of the smartest Ex-Scientologists around.

It’s a great example of Post Ex Scientology.

See Geir’s Blog at ISENE.ME

Here’s what I think is great about what Geir has done. He has taken a look at the years he spent, and yes the money and the time and effort he has spent on Scientology, and he has looked at his life now, and his life then, and he has reconciled – without the toxic and corrosive and unscientific ideas of the anti-cult movement ideology – how his own life has worked out.

His eyes are wide – he is not burying his head in the sand about anything. He is perfectly aware of all the theories and the real abuses and the craziness in Scientology. He correctly assigns and distributes the faults and the responsibilities to himself, to the time and place to the orgs he was a public in, and to Miscavige AND to L Ron Hubbard.

He has a clear view of the person he was as a Scientologist, and of the person he is now.

He has come up with a true and workable way to incorporate and integrate his spiritual wins in Scientology – the real work and the real awareness and life lessons he gained and worked hard to achieve – with his life now.

And he has moved on down the road with all this treasure in tow.

This, truly, is a great example of Post-Ex Scientology.

Thanks, Aaron.

And thank you again, Gier.

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