Evidence in Reasoning With Scientology Beliefs

evidence in reasoning

There is an interesting quality to logic and how the human mind uses it.

Logic is used by the mind like a ladder, with one step leading to the next step, and the next, etc.

If one of the steps in the ladder of logic is false, the rest of the steps after that can lead to the wildest conclusions.

For instance:

1. All men are tall.

2. David Miscavige is a man

3. Therefore, David Miscavige is tall.

This is why it is important to question and to test the evidence for the beliefs you have which act as steps in your ladder of reasoning, and which lead you to the conclusions you hold.

The first step in accepting the Scientology worldview was presented in DMSMH: In its native state, the human mind is perfect.

The next step was: The reason our human minds are not perfect is because we have a reactive mind.

Therefore: if we erase our reactive minds, or human minds will be perfect again.

This step ladder led LRH to believing in implant stations on Mars and psychs from the planet Farsec.

If we rely on evidence to support the steps in the ladders of reasoning that we use, then we are less likely to end up on Mars.

A person can certainly believe whatever he chooses. But sooner or later, all Scientologists learn that beliefs that bankrupt you, or which end up destroying your family, or enslaving you in a fake Navy for the rest of your life, are not worth it.


Learn to evaluate it, and use it to support your reasoning.

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